Thai Village Night

The colorful Thai Village night is a celebration of Thai culture and covers many aspects of Thai life from market scenes, to beautiful weddings, Muay Thai boxing and the classical Ramayana dance, an exquisite performance that guests can join and have fun. The authentic decorations and traditional huts create an ambiance of a bygone era with local textiles, fruit and vegetable carving on display. The banquet is a highlight offering a mouth-watering selection of dishes from the four regions of Thailand making this a truly unforgettable experience.

  • Decoration:
  • Buffet decoration
  • Thai Village style
  • Cooking Hut
  • Thai textile, fan, umbrellas
  • Fruits & Vegetable carving
  • Garland for all our guests
  • Entertainment:
  • Long drum parade
  • Thai market scene
  • Bamboo dance, "Pong Lang"
  • Thai wedding ceremony
  • Thai dances, "Ramayana"
  • Thai boxing, "Muey Thai"
  • Optional Extras:
  • Junior fireworks
  • Grand fireworks
  • Company logo
  • Buffet Menu: Foods of Thailand by Regions
  • Northern Region
  • North Eastern Region
  • Central Region
  • Southern Region
  • Dessert
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