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3 Must-Visit Places When You Explore Phuket Island

Have you ever dreamt of going to Phuket for your holiday vacation? Phuket is a land full of beauty and excitement, attracting people from around the world. Yet, this stunning island is not the only tourist attraction because even the islands around are often said to be prettier than the main island.

If you are planning to cruise around Phuket to explore some of these stunning places, here are three must-visit locations that should be on your list:

1. Racha Island

The island is arguably one of the most beautiful spots in the area. To add to this, not many people know about this fact, making it a “secret paradise.”

When you arrive here, you will be greeted by a stunning oasis that is small enough to be fully explored by foot. The gem of this paradise is the serene beach resting near crystal-blue waters that no one can resist, not to mention the exotic sea creatures that gather around your feet in curiosity.

Whatever you do here, whether you swim near the beach or snorkel near the reefs, it will undoubtedly be a spectacular experience. Plus, if you want to enjoy one of the most relaxing experiences ever, grab yourself a cold drink and relax by the sands. The stunning view will calm your soul as you have never felt before.

2. Koh Hong

As part of many islands near Krabi, Koh Hong is the picture-perfect beach you have always dreamt about. It is the type of beach you see on a postcard that you wish existed because you want to visit the place. Fortunately for you, it indeed does exist!

On Koh Hong, you will find yourself surrounded by towering limestone cliffs overseeing a beautiful lagoon that slowly turns from blue to emerald green. Not only are the waters spectacular, but even the bay itself, especially the animal life that populate the area. Gibbons, lizards, and many other animals add to the natural and pristine feel of the location.

If you ever find yourself hungry, treat yourself to a luxurious meal of lobsters and the freshest seafood imaginable.

3. Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi Islands are a combination of islands which is why they are nicknamed “The Jewels of the Andaman Sea.” Unfortunately, if you’ve always wanted to visit Maya Bay, know that it is now closed so that the reefs can recover. Nevertheless, you can still explore the area, amaze at the towering limestone cliffs and lush forests, as well as the sparkling white beaches that make you want to hop down and create sand-angels. Don’t forget to also go diving in the crystal-clear sea, which is probably one of the reasons you want to visit the island in the first place!


Other than the locations we have shared with you, keep in mind that there are plenty of other areas in and around Phuket that are worth the visit. A vacation here is an excellent idea, and you will surely have a memorable experience as you explore the many wonders of the island!

If you are looking for a resort and spa accommodation to stay during your Phuket vacation, consider booking your stay at Diamond Cliff Resort & Spa today!

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