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Eco-Friendly Honeymoons, Tips to Enjoy Your Mindful Vacation

If you are off to your honeymoon soon, and you and your partner are fond of enjoying nature while also protecting it, this article is for you. Here, we will talk about how you can enjoy your honeymoon without causing unnecessary harm to the environment.

There are ways you can make a vacation eco-friendly without making it any less magical. Check out the following recommendations for a better idea:

Consider having a staycation

In 2019, the aviation industry accounted for two percent of global carbon emissions. It is also the fastest-growing polluter in the world. If you don’t want to add to that statistic, consider having a simple staycation instead of a full-blown trip. Staycations don’t usually require air travel. You only need to find a nice hotel or Airbnb to serve as your home for one or two weekends.

Now is an excellent time to explore your city or your country. What’s even better is that you’ll spend less on a staycation, which means more savings for you to spend on other fun activities.

Explore places near your location

To avoid the need for long drives or plane rides, choose to explore a place one or two hours away from your home. For example, if you’re from Phuket, you can explore many other islands that are only one hour away. A simple walk around the neighborhood can immediately bring you to a new destination to discover, as hidden gems are likely waiting to be discovered in your nearby town.

Book your stay in an eco-friendly resort

Staying in a beautiful resort is always a great option. Even if you do not go out of the hotel, you’ll surely enjoy the amenities and excellent offerings, especially if you’ve chosen to spend your whole vacation at a romantic resort in Phuket. Choose a resort that offers greener products and practices environmentally friendly operations.

Most eco-friendly resorts also lie within beautiful nature, quietly blending in and surrounded by green. You’ll indeed have a great peaceful, relaxing time staying in with your partner.

Avoid tourism spots or activities that are harmful to the environment

If you’re not fond of spending the whole vacation laying by the pool, you can still explore activities inside or outside the resort. With all the options you have, consider not participating in activities that harm animals or have a high environmental impact. Many ecotourism groups exist today, so you’ll not have difficulty finding the right activity for you.

Choose your mode of transportation well

If you want to be one with nature, walking and biking is the best way to explore the city without emitting any harmful carbon monoxide in the process. Use public transportation if that’s an option and only opt to use a car, train, or plane ride when there is no other alternative.


An eco-friendly vacation starts with a conscious decision. It begins with one choice and applies to the rest of the things you plan to do. Taking this route doesn’t mean that you’ll have a less exciting trip. There is no template for an incredible adventure. As long as you love what you’re doing, where you’re staying, and you and your partner are enjoying it, you’ll have a fantastic time.

If you are considering staying in Phuket and looking for a perfect romantic resort in Phuket to book your room and spend most of your time in, consider booking accommodation with us at the Diamond Cliff Resort & Spa. We’ll let you experience an authentic Thai experience while nestled in a breathtaking view.

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