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Making the Most Out of Your Phuket Hotel Vacation

Phuket is known for its world-class hospitality and blend of cultural experiences. It’s also home to some of the best beaches you’ll ever get to see. And while there are plenty of blogs and vacation guides that can help you make the most out of any vacation here, many of them leave out one important aspect of the experience: how to make the most of your hotel.

Making the most of your hotel stay is a considerable aspect of the entire trip. After all, your chosen accommodation is where you’ll likely spend most of your downtime. In this guide, we’ll go over a few tips you can keep in mind to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Look into the different hotel recreational activities

When you check-in to the hotel, you need to look into the different options of recreational activities that you can enjoy. It’s the perfect way for you and your family to bond over different experiences.

For example, you can enjoy Thai cuisine together as you enroll in basic Thai cooking class. Since fruits are also something Thai locals enjoy, you can also get into fruit carving classes. You can also learn some basic Muay Thai, as your hotel may offer classes and instructors ready to teach you.

If you are interested in other fun activities that are not necessarily Thai culture-based, that is also most welcome. After all, you are free to do what you enjoy during this vacation.

For some alone time, you can visit the hotel’s gym and do some core workouts, or you can also do something more family-oriented like dive into the different swimming pools. Remember, there are a lot of things to do for your best hotel Phuket vacation gateway.

Relax and feel rejuvenated after a spa day

If you took this vacation to take some time to rest, you can do so by booking a spa day-off. This is also a great way for you and your significant other to enjoy intimate time together during this vacation. You can also take this spa opportunity to relieve your muscles after a relaxing time at Patong Beach.

You can start by booking a relaxing massage. There are Thai massage options like traditional or herbal compress massage. Then, you can have a relaxing full body scrub. You can choose a treatment based on your body’s needs, like a refreshing coconut exfoliating scrub or an after-sun treatment with calming aloe vera.

The best part about your spa day off is you can easily walk into your hotel room and take it easy as you lay on your fresh bed. This is truly a Phuket hotel vacation must-do when you want to reach full relaxation.

Go exploring and shopping

You may also want to go out and see the local scene, as there are a lot of nearby places that you can visit with your family. Patong Beach should always be a top priority, but there are also other worthy places near your hotel that you can enjoy.

We recommend that you enjoy the local shopping scene by visiting the nearby Jungceylon Shopping Mall. There are so many bargain finds like clothes and beauty products that you can enjoy. You can also grab a quick bite at the different restaurants around the mall.

After a day of shopping, you can drop off your finds at the hotel then make your way to Bangla Road Walking Street. This is the vibrant nightlife experience that you have been waiting for! If you are looking for a truly social media moment, this is your chance to take the best photos and videos.

You can enjoy local Thai street food and also watch out for interesting street performers or parades. This is another leg of your Phuket vacation as you make your way back to your hotel.

Book the best Phuket hotel vacation today!

Now that you know what it takes to enjoy your vacation in Phuket, find the best hotel today with all the previously mentioned vacation tips and activities!

Are you ready to book the best hotel Patong has to offer? Enjoy your vacation with us at Diamond Cliff Phuket. We have all the best vacation accommodation needs and fun activities made for you and your family. We are also located near Patong hotspots such as Patong Beach, Jungceylon Shopping Mall and Bangla Road Walking Street. Make your Phuket vacation the best with us today!

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