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Seafood Menu Ideas for Your Beach Wedding

If you’re considering a beach wedding in Phuket, Thailand, you’re making one of your life’s best decisions. Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, and it has the most popular party and unspoiled beaches in Southeast Asia. In Phuket, you’ll have various beaches to choose from, with different beautiful coastlines and sparkling blue water—perfect for a romantic wedding!

Make your beach wedding more special by serving an unforgettable seafood treat to your guests. The reception food is one of the main things your guests would remember from your special day (and may also be one of the things they’re looking forward to), so serve them the best seafood meal.

If you need help in planning your wedding menu, here are some seafood dishes suggestions for your wedding day.

Grilled Shrimp

Even your wedding may seem like a too formal event to you and your family, but serving the crowd’s favorite, grilled shrimp, can change the vibe into a more relaxed one. Grilled shrimp is the seafood version of the all-time favorite barbecue. It’s the perfect companion for a beer if you want to drink the night away.

Salmon Rolls

Salmon in rolls is the easiest way to serve this popular seafood at a wedding. Put them nicely rolled in elegant trays, and your guests will surely enjoy every bite.

Fresh Oysters on Ice

Another easy-to-serve food is fresh oysters. Having this tasty dish on your wedding menu will surely delight your wedding guests, especially when freshly served on ice.

Fried Oyster

If you’re looking for another way to serve oysters, try going for a fried one. Its crispy coating gives a nice crunch to this dish, making your guests crave for more.

Lobster Buffet

Lobster is a sure hit in any wedding. A lot of people love this dish. This delicious and healthy meal can be difficult to serve, so you must get the best wedding caterer to prepare your lobster buffet.

Thai Seafood

Having a beach wedding in Phuket, Thailand, without trying out the Thai Seafood would be a downer. Make the most out of the experience and try the country’s famous cuisine. Thailand has many traditional and local seafood dishes to explore.

One must-try is the roasted fish stuffed with lemongrass called the Pla Pao. It’s a popular fish dish in Thailand, but keep in mind that they are served with the head still attached. If you want a grilled option, Pla Muek Yang or Thai-style chargrilled squid would be an excellent dish to try. It is usually coated in a sweet and sour sauce with a little kick of spice and served with peanuts and coriander leaves as toppings. Though Pla Muek Yang looks like an appetizer, it can also be served as a main course.


When planning your wedding menu, make sure to include your favorite meal. Though you want to spoil your wedding guests by making their seafood dreams come true, it is also your wedding meal to enjoy. Serve any of the seafood dishes mentioned above in your wedding reception to give yourselves an experience of a lifetime!

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