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Why You Should Visit Patong When You Are in Thailand

The majority of tourists know how famous Phuket is when it comes to beaches and beautiful views. Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, and inside it, you will find the best treasures of Thailand. If you need a recommendation of what to visit in Phuket, Patong should be on top of your list. Patong beach, in particular, is the most developed beach you will find in Phuket. Enjoy its three-kilometer stretch of beach with cafes, bars, and stores right next to it.

The Right Adventure You Need

Patong offers a great adventure during the daytime as travelers can explore the different water activities such as parasailing, jet skis, banana boat rides, and other water sports. If you are not into sporty activities, you can still enjoy the beach’s beautiful scenery as you relax and unwind under the bright sunshine of Phuket. Who wouldn’t be amused by the turquoise water and the soft sand that catches your feet every time?

Moreover, there are various drinks to keep you refreshed the whole time. From fresh fruit drinks to cold beer and delicious cocktails, Patong has it all.

Be Full in Entertainment and Value

At night, the place instantly transforms into an incredible nightlife with shopping opportunities. You will witness lively night sessions where people enjoy the cold sea breeze while drinking their favorite cocktails and being entertained by music and dances. There are bars, restaurants, and clubs to cater to whatever it is you feel like doing.

What’s best is that the Thais never forget about spreading their culture to other people. You can dance the night away or spend the entire time eating Thai street food. Whether it is night time or day time, one can still spot and savor local Thai delicacies wherever they go.

It Is Only Almost Perfect

Of course, you also need to know the downside of visiting Patong. Patong is the busiest area inside of Phuket. Because of its popularity and the beautiful scenery and entertainment it offers, many locals and foreign tourists visit the place, making it a bit more crowded, especially during summertime. If you are not fond of too much crowd and want to enjoy the beach all for yourself, you will probably enjoy it more during the low season. However, if you love the idea of meeting new people and sharing the view and experience with others, Patong will be perfect for you.

Another tip is that the North and South of Patong are more quiet and peaceful places. If you crave such a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, consider visiting those areas. There are also beach resorts around Patong that will let you enjoy the best of both worlds. They will offer you the privacy you need when you want to be alone while you still get to enjoy the sight of the beach, the nightlife, and the daytime activities when you decide to go out.


Whether you are a day or night person, the activities and sceneries in Patong will never fail to surprise and amaze you. If you have a limited time of stay in Phuket, make sure that you visit Patong.

If you are looking for a Patong Beach resort in Phuket, consider booking your accommodation at Diamond Cliff. We are your romantic, luxurious resort and spa on a hilltop that offers a breathtaking view of the Andaman Sea. Experience an authentic and intimate Thai stay with us.

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