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2 Places in Phuket to Visit for an Authentic Experience

Every year, tens of thousands of tourists flock to Thailand to spend their vacation. One of the places that many of these visitors go to is Phuket, all thanks to the stunning beauty to be found on its shores. Of course, there’s no denying that a lot of visitors also come to enjoy the fantastic cuisine and the many exhilarating activities on the island.

However, not everyone goes to Phuket for the exciting nightlife and touristy places. Some people visit lesser-known locations that give them a glimpse into the rich culture of the place and immerse themselves in an authentically Thai experience.

If you’re such a traveler and are interested in going to such places, here are two locations in Phuket you should consider visiting:

1. Phuket Old Town

The one place you shouldn’t forget to visit for the most authentic experience would be Phuket Old Town. This locale will bring you back to the olden days way before Phuket became a tourist hotspot. It was quite a busy town back then, as the town served as a place where merchants came to sell their goods, where shopkeepers set up their wares, and where a red-light district once stood. While the Portuguese initially built the location, the Chinese people took over the place, as evidenced by Sino-Portuguese architecture with Chinese patterns over them.

What can you do in Phuket Old Town exactly? Well, the first thing you can do is enjoy the excellent seafood restaurants that dot the area. You can bring your catch of the day to have it cooked right in front of your eyes!

However, if you are looking for the real deal in terms of local life, go to any of the markets. You will discover local people selling local produce, giving you an experience of what it was like a hundred years ago before large department stores came into existence.

2. Sapan Hin

Sapan Hin, roughly translated to stone bridge in English, is a public park you can find near the ocean. It is one of the top spots where the locals love to gather around with their friends and family, not only for the beautiful and relaxing scenery but for the food, too!

If you get hungry on the way to the park, be happy knowing that you will find plenty of snacks, fruits, and drinks along the way. The best thing about this is that they are all Thai food, meaning that if you wanted a taste of local cuisine, you would not be disappointed. Plus, the sunset views are quite amazing, so definitely spend some time chowing down on amazing food while waiting for the beautiful spectacle.

That said, there are a few notable spots inside Sapan Hin you should visit. For example, you will find “Giew Tian Geng,” a Chinese shrine, as well as a tin-mining monument, all of which are picture-worthy for your social media feeds!


Phuket is filled with many other attractions both touristy and non-touristy. Nevertheless, they are all worth the visit! With that in mind, make sure to spend some time making your itinerary. After all, you have got limited time to see all the sights, and you would want to make the most out of it rather than just sitting in your hotel room wondering what to do next.

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