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Diamond Cliff Resort & Spa

Diamond Spa Treatments

The body treatments at Diamond Spa include soothing polishes, wraps and scrubs that cleanse and detoxify. The one hour treatments are prepared using the finest quality exfoliating gels, essential oils, mineral packed muds and aromatic oils to beautify and pamper.

Diamond Cliff Resort & Spa
Diamond Cliff Resort & Spa
Diamond Cliff Resort & Spa
Diamond Cliff Resort & Spa
Diamond Cliff Resort & Spa

Body Treatments

Spice & Shine Gel Scrub (60 Mins.) THB 2,200

Tamarind gently exfoliates, turmeric with Vitamin C encourages glowing skin, and ginger stimulates circulation while acting as an antioxidant. Shed your dull exterior with this gentle exfoliating blend that brightens with Tamarind and adds plenty of vitamin zest for vibrant skin.

Coconut Exfoliating Scrub (60 Mins.) THB 2,200

Gently exfoliates dead skin and nourishes the body to reveal younger, re-generated skin, while leaving the scent of tropical coconut.

Aroma Salt Scrub (60 Mins.) THB 2,200

This stimulating skin-polishing treatment exfoliates and detoxifies. This unique treatment not only purifies and smooths skin texture, but helps stimulate circulation to give your skin a radiant glow.

Asian Invasion Detox Clay (60 Mins.) THB 2,200

Plai Oil relaxes stressed skin, honey nourishes and firms skin and kaolin draws out impurities from the skin. It’s about time to really get down to the nitty gritty… give your skin a well-deserved, deep-cleansing with this effective impurity-dispelling body clay that revives your entire being and leaves you with fabulously firm skin.

After Sun Treatment (60 Mins.) THB 2,200

A gentle, soothing treatment designed for reducing sunburned skin. The cooling effects of Aloe Vera calm and refresh the skin.


Facial Treatments

Deep Cleanse Facial (60 Mins.) THB 2,500

This facial designed to deep cleanse and clarify the skin. Exfoliation technique gives you a radiant grow. An ideal treatment for oily, prone to acne and troubled skin.

Aromatherapy Facial (60 Mins.) THB 2,500

This classic facial provides holistic benefits essential for radiant healthy skin. A cleaning and relaxing are performed by using aromatherapy prepared for individual skin types and conditions.

OPC Anti-Aging Facial (60 Mins.) THB 2,500

A rejuvenating facial benefits of aromatic facial oil with a healing mask rich in anti-oxidant. Recommended for dry or dehydrated skin, especially before and after sun exposure.

Fitness Facial for Men (60 Mins.) THB 2,500

Uniquely designed for men, this facial will cleanse, hydrate, moisturize and refresh your skin, appropriate to treat all skin types.

Special Treats

Hydro-therapy Session (30 Mins.) THB 900

This session includes the Herbal Steam, Sauna, Outdoor Hot Jacuzzi and Cold Plunge Jacuzzi., It will help to promote relaxation and to prepare your body before a massage by heating muscle tissues and detoxifying your body. This treatment is also used for a variety of problems: muscle tension, skin problems, aches and pains, arthritis, rheumatism, cellulite, asthma, allergies, sport injuries, insomnia, and blood circulation disorders.

Milk Bath Therapy (30 Mins.) THB 900

A luxurious soak, ideally, by immersing yourself in a cloudy white milk bath. This makes your skin radically soft and pure to the touch. This therapeutic bath is designed to
balance and purify the body.


**All prices are in Thai Baht and inclusive of 10% service charge and 7% tax.

**For more information and reservations, please contact Diamond Spa at +66 76 380050 ext.78 or email to spa@diamondcliff.com.

10:00 – 22:00 hrs.


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