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3 Effective Tips for the Perfect Phuket Beach Wedding

It finally happened: the love of your life proposed to you and now you’re about to embark on a fast-paced journey towards planning the reception that you’ve always dreamed of since you were young.

Now that you’ve got the rings, bridesmaids and groomsmen lists out, told each other’s parents the big occasion, and set your sights on tying the knot in the dreamlike shores of Phuket, there’s one question left:

“How can I make my beach wedding as perfect as possible?”

Seeing that Phuket is regarded as one of the most sought-after wedding spots in the world, it takes pride in the fact that it is a paradise and safe haven for many couples looking to get married.

As you go over the numerous guides regarding what to do on the island and what to watch out for, it may seem that there’s nothing you can use to plan the perfect wedding. Since this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that you’ll look back on in the future, it’s understandable to have the urge to make sure everything’s perfect. In this article, we will share with you three tips on planning for a perfect beach wedding in Phuket: 

1. Wearing the right kind of sunscreen for the occasion

Aside from professionally-done makeup and the dress or tux that you’ve always imagined yourself wearing on your big day, another thing that you should wear is a layer of sunblock.

Thanks to the bright and shining sun, getting married on the wonderful shores of Phuket can make for a scorching experience that’ll lead to an unpleasant sunburn if you aren’t careful. If you know that you’re quite sensitive or prone to sunburns, it’s best to double-up on the strongest sunblock available and apply a good layer accordingly!

2. Going for a traditional Thai-themed wedding

For most couples, the overwhelming pressure of picking the right theme can be a bit more costly, worrisome, and stressful more than it should because they may force a motif that will never work.

If you’re exchanging your vows in front of the beautiful Andaman Sea, then it’s a better choice to bask in the Thai culture with a traditional wedding. As opposed to other common themes, traditional weddings—especially those set up with the help of the team at Diamond Cliff Phuket—feel much more natural and enjoyable. It may not necessarily seem like a straightforward option right now, but going this route will make for an enjoyable and unforgettable memory!

3. Booking with the right resort

From other beach weddings that have been held on Phuket’s shores, sticking with the right accommodation can make a world of difference in the entire experience, and your wedding is not an exception.

Taking the time to research on which accommodation provider will best suit your wedding will keep both yourself and your own guests occupied with fully enjoying the entire island instead of complaining and regretting!


Getting married in Phuket is a perfect idea that entails taking a few key details into mind during the planning stage to create an even more perfect wedding that no one will ever forget.

Looking to get hitched in the perfect shores of Phuket and celebrate your love at a romantic resort? Make your entire stay, experience, and wedding as perfect as can be by booking your stay at Diamond Cliff Resort today!

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