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3 Things to Know Before Traveling to Thailand during COVID19

Travel around the world has slowed down and even halted due to the ongoing pandemic. COVID-19 has caused many countries to go into lockdown, putting protocols into place in hopes of stopping the spread of the dangerous virus.

Knowing that staying home is the best way to stop this, overall travel has slowed down significantly. However, more recently, the grip of the virus has eased quite a bit in many parts of the world. This has allowed many countries to open up international travel, and this includes Thailand. However, traveling to Thailand still is not as easy as it used to be. With the pandemic still raging, there are many precautions necessary to make sure your trip to Thailand is as safe as possible.

With that being said, here is what you need to know before traveling to Thailand during COVID-19.

1. Not everyone can go to Thailand

When we say that not everyone can go to Thailand, we mean those who do not have the certificate of entry. This certificate is required to enter the country on top of a 14-day quarantine upon arrival. To add to this, visitors are also required to download the ThailandPlus application and register in it.

Some countries are exempted from obtaining a visa, meaning that you may or may not need a visa if entering Thailand for tourism purposes, depending on where you are from. Instead, you will get a permit limiting you to only 45 days in the country, so be sure to check whether you are eligible for such a permit.

2. There are restrictions to consider

If you have entered the country using the permit, the first restriction is that you can only stay for 45 days. Note that you will need an outbound ticket to prove this. Otherwise, your chances of entering the country as a tourist might be slim. If 45 days is not enough, you may apply for an STV or Special Tourist Visa. This allows you to stay for up to 90 days in the country and allows for renewals at a maximum of two times.

Upon arrival, you will need to undergo a PCR test followed by a 14-day quarantine in government-approved facilities. Fortunately, many of these facilities are luxury hotels, meaning you can still enjoy your stay despite the ongoing quarantine.

3. The Covid situation is somewhat eased

Recently, Thailand eased its COVID-19 protocols, despite the heavy restrictions placed during the second wave of the virus in December. Now, people can go around as long as they wear a mask. Temperature checks are regular, but despite that, you can visit bars and restaurants even if they close earlier.

As for beaches, they remain open with restrictions. When visiting beaches or any national parks, always check the restrictions to ensure you do not end up violating any of them.


The ongoing pandemic has certainly not made it easy for tourists to travel, but going out has become an option with things easing up a bit. Thailand is a country filled with wonders and is one of the go-to places if you want to experience the rich culture and unique experiences in this country.

That being said, we highly recommend visiting Phuket. It is one of Thailand’s top tourist destinations, and with all the fantastic experiences found there, you will quickly know why it is beloved around the world.

Diamond Cliff is a resort and spa in Phuket, offering authentic Thai luxury experiences nestled in the hills of Patong. Book at our resort today and make the most out of your trip to Phuket!

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