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4 Reasons to Go on a Luxurious Vacation in Phuket

Given the breakneck speed at which the world operates these days, most people can’t seem to catch a break. With so many obligations that have quickly become overwhelming, whether it’s work, school, or taking care of finances, it can be hard to find a reason to take a vacation. After all, you’re neck-deep in responsibilities, which means it’s irresponsible to take a few days off, right?

Even if you think that taking a break is frowned upon, the reality is that resting and unwinding is crucial to your health. Whether you’re tightly wound from work or you’re at a crossroads, and you need to make a decision, hitting the brakes on your regular life and getting away for a week or two will provide you with much-needed rest and a new perspective that can help you progress. Here are four reasons to go on a luxurious vacation at a Patong beach resort and spa:

You’re Recovering From a Breakup

Breakups are tough. Separating from someone you love, regardless of the circumstances, is always a hard deal, especially when you’re facing the prospect of moving on without them. You’ve probably eaten your weight in ice cream and chocolate to cope with the loss, but you also now have so much free time that you could enjoy by taking a vacation. Without a partner to consult or compromise with, you can exercise your newfound independence and autonomy and choose everything about your travels. Your budget, accommodations, and itinerary are now all up to you, which means you are free to be as selfish as you want. Going on a getaway is also a golden opportunity to put more distance between you and your ex in a healthier, more productive way.

You’re About to Have a Baby

Adding a new member to the family is always exciting, although your life is about to change forever. Kids are lovely, but raising them is no joke. You’ll have to say goodbye to a relaxing vacation on the beach, taking endless naps and going clubbing at night until the sun rises, when you start having kids. Instead, these fun times will be replaced with sleepless nights, dealing with picky eating habits, and endless messes until your children are off to college. While you may sneak in a little me-time from time to time, it won’t be the same as before you had kids. If you’re expecting a baby, now’s the chance to enjoy the last hurrah as a couple.

You’re In Between Jobs

Being unemployed can be frightening, but it also means that you can take advantage of whatever opportunities come your way. You are no longer accountable to anyone, which means you won’t have to meet deadlines, deal with restricted vacation days, or work long hours. You’ll never get a chance like this when you find your next job, so create a travel budget and enjoy your freedom while it lasts. You might even come back home with new perspectives and a renewed enthusiasm that will propel your job hunt in a positive direction.

You’ve Gone Through a Personal Loss

There’s no shortcut to coping with personal tragedies, and the grief often seems unavoidable. However, being in a different setting might help, especially since it will give you a new approach to your emotions. A vacation can double as a spiritual journey in which you introspect and analyze how you can move forward even with the gaping hole the loss left you. Although you may not come back fully healed, you may find the tools you need to start recovering.


Everyone needs to go on a vacation at some point; otherwise, they’ll be a ticking time-bomb, seconds away from exploding. If any of these four reasons resonate with you, then it’s high time you book a flight, hit the beach, and enjoy a well-deserved break from the world.

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