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4 Reasons to Travel During the Rainy Season – What to Know

Most tourists take the weather into careful consideration when finalizing their travel plans because their plans and excitement can be dampened by unfavorable conditions. That’s why they search the best time to visit a destination and make sure that all their deliverables at work are accomplished before the trip. However, while the weather mostly cooperates during peak season, you will have to contend with crowded famous tourist spots. The traffic on the way to these places can also shorten your trip because of the hours devoted to travel delays.

Given this predicament, why not consider visiting a place during the rainy season? Sure, the flight to your destination may involve some turbulence, and the journey to the tourist spots may not be as easy. However, there are a few wonderful things that the rainy season sprinkles over the fine landscapes that you are waiting to experience.

Other than the cheaper prices of tickets and accommodation, here are four reasons why traveling during the rainy season should be considered:

1. You can travel with fewer people

Beautiful moments can be disrupted by the massive wave of tourists who act as if there is no one else around. Not only will you experience delays in finding the best photo angles, but you will also not feel peaceful amidst the noisy crowd. During the rainy season, there are fewer visitors which allows you to enjoy the places without rushing. A trip to the beach looks more appealing and serene as well because of the smaller crowd.

2. You can see natural landscapes at its finest

Some countries refer to the rainy season as their “green season” in hopes of attracting visitors. Tourist spots have a different allure when the rains start to pour, and it is just as captivating when compared to its summer feel. Likewise, conditions during the off-peak season may not be as bad as they seem. The colder temperature is easier to deal with rather than the humid summer weather.

3. You can witness better lighting

Conventional belief dictates that blue and sunny skies are the perfect backdrop for photos. However, this may not be the case at all times because too much sunlight can lead to overexposed images with harsh shadows. Worst, this uncontrollable condition can steal away from the beauty of the surroundings or the details of impressive structures.

Shooting under drizzling conditions, however, enhances the vibrant colors to render a better image. The soft lighting also works well in rendering a fairer complexion of your skin. On the other hand, you may have to wait for the sun to hide behind the clouds before taking photos during the peak season.

4. You can be flexible with your itinerary

This advantage may be appealing to individuals who find comfort in following a detailed itinerary. The rainy season is perfect for those who find joy in spontaneous adventures and last-minute adjustments. Traveling during peak season means that you must book your flight and your hotel room months in advance to beat the surging demands. During the rainy season, on the other hand, you can reserve the room that you want a mere two days in advance! Going from one place to another is easier as well, making spur-of-the-moment decisions possible.

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The best hotels in Thailand offer uninterrupted views of the beach while taking a sip of your coffee or your cocktail drink. After a day of traveling during the rainy season, it will feel great to go back to your spacious hotel room and de-stress from a tiring but fun day. Book your hotel now and enjoy massive discounts on bedrooms and amenities that are available during the rainy season.

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