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4 Vacation Hacks to Make Your Beach Trip to Phuket More Relaxing

A day at the beach is a golden opportunity to slow down and get some rest. Once you’ve settled into your beach chair and closed your eyes, or opened your beach read, it can be easy to forget about everything else. Make your vacation a smoother experience with our quick and easy hacks for beachgoers:

1. Windproof your umbrella

It’s nice when you find the perfect spot to put up an umbrella and lie in the shade. However, sometimes the weather does not cooperate. A sudden, strong gust of wind can easily blow your shade away, leaving you to chase after it. By the time you retrieve your umbrella, you may no longer be in the mood to stretch out for hours on end.

Keep this from happening by securing the pole. Drive it into the sand by twisting it into place or using a rock to hammer it at the base. The pole must be a little under two feet deep; this gives it little wiggle room. When you are satisfied with the depth, pour a bucket of water around the base. This adds stability to the pole. After all of this, open your umbrella and relax!

2. Be sunburn- and sand-free

A quick remedy for sandy legs and feet is baby powder. Talcum removes moisture, which helps the sand fall off. Keep a small bottle in your beach bag, so you can apply it before heading back to your hotel or to town. You wouldn’t want to be wandering around tracking sand, especially when you are back in your own room.

On the other hand, prevent sunburns by carefully following the package directions on your sunblock. Some people put sunscreen once and are done with it the entire day. In reality, sunscreen must be reapplied every two to three hours, or after you swim. If you find yourself sunburnt, you can apply aloe vera or cooled vinegar on the affected area.

3. Keep your drinks cool

It’s nice to have a cold drink with you as you stay under the sun. Metal coolers or flasks are excellent at retaining temperatures and can preserve your drink for hours. Make a flask even more effective by filling it halfway with water the night before and laying it on its side in a freezer.

The next day, you will have half a bottle of frozen water. You can use the other half to store any beverage you wish to bring for an instant portable cooler.

4. Waterproof your valuables

Though you are at the beach for relaxing, you still need to carry your valuables with you. Prevent them from getting damaged by the water by storing them in resealable plastic bags. You can use your mobile phone beside the water this way.

Keeping your money, cards and other valuables in washed shampoo bottles is also a good waterproofing option. With this, you can prevent water damage and theft at the same time! Also, you can substitute shampoo bottles for any inconspicuous plastic container you may have at home.


You will find your beach trip even more enjoyable if you take steps to optimize your stay. Use our hacks to help you relax and be completely worry-free during your trip.

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