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5 Activities You Shouldn’t Miss on Your Trip to Phuket

Phuket is a famous summer destination because it offers a complete package. You can enjoy clean beaches, exciting nightlife, delicious food, and activities for young vacationers. Whether you’re a honeymooner, a family, or simply someone who wants to have some fun, Phuket has something to offer for you.

If you are not yet sold with the idea, here are some examples of the activities waiting for you when you book a hotel in Phuket.

1. Eating Delicious Food at Banzaan Market

Many tourists go to Phuket just to eat the local food. That’s why Banzaan Market is the top Phuket activity you shouldn’t miss. Soi Banzaan is a popular place for tourists to explore, especially food lovers.

Banzaan Market is a 24-hour market that is packed with food stalls. If you are a fan of seafood, you will definitely love the variety of seafood dishes here. Aside from seafood, there are also many other dishes to try, like authentic Thai cuisine. Even the ambiance of Banzaan Market appeals to all of the senses!

2. Exploring the Beauty of Kata Noi Beach

If you want to enjoy the best beach in Phuket, head to Kata Noi Beach. This is known as one of the best beaches on the island because it’s clean, and it’s not too crowded. This is the place you will want to come to relax and enjoy the waves gently washing your feet.

Kata Noi is an ideal beach for those looking for a less commercialized beach. It’s one of the best beaches for you to unwind and enjoy some peace and tranquility. Kata Noi Beach is just a few steps away from Kata Beach, so you can quickly go from one to the other without much effort.

3. Diving & Snorkeling with Sea Turtles

The sea turtles of the Similan Islands are very famous among divers and snorkelers. You can swim alongside them as they play around, and you can even take pictures of them as long as you do not disturb them.

Aside from the Similan Islands, the Andaman Sea is home to sea turtles. If you’re looking for an exciting, wildlife-oriented activity in Phuket, diving with sea turtles is a must-try activity.

4. Climbing the Stairs of Wat Chalong Temple

Fun and excitement are waiting for you at Wat Chalong Temple. This is the place you want to visit if you’re going to ascend the stairs to the top of the tower.

Since it’s a religious place, you will notice that the security is tight. The site is packed with tourists, especially on the weekends so if you want to avoid the crowd, better go on a weekday. And as for any religious site, always dress appropriately.

5. Relaxing at Nai Harn Beach

If you are looking for a more peaceful and quiet beach, Nai Harn Beach is the perfect place for you. This beach is famous for its sunset, so most tourists go there in the afternoon.

Not only does it have a beautiful coastline, but the water is also lovely and clean. The white sands and clear blue waters make it an ideal beach for those looking to relax and unwind from a long day.

Final Thoughts

The many attractions of Phuket make it a popular tourist destination. So when you visit Phuket, it’s best to spend more than just a few days. You’ll have a great time exploring the island, and you’ll never run out of things to do!

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