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5 Destinations to See When in Phuket

Phuket is a wonderful tourist spot filled with breathtaking sights and amazing destinations. This island is the largest among others in Thailand, measuring approximately 540 square kilometers, and is located on the country’s west coast.

Phuket offers various fun activities and many cultural heritages. The friendly people of the island love the presence of tourists and are always glad to help foreigners enjoy their time during their trips. A sense of authentic culture is profound on the island of Phuket, giving visitors not only a spectacular experience but also a trip full of insight.

If your gears are set and are ready to roll to witness the beauty of this island, then read further and add these to your Phuket itinerary:

Wat Chalong Temple

You must not miss this destination with the abundance of things and history you can explore. Wat Chalong temple is surrounded by Sino-Portuguese buildings that are being revamped and repurposed into cafes and galleries. An example of this is Bookhemian, which is an all-rounded venue that serves as a cafe, a gallery, a cinema, and a book shop.

Naka Market

If that isn’t enough of an excursion, then head on to the weekend Naka Market. The assorted selection of rare and cool second-hand items that the locals offer will surely bring out the archeologist in you. There are also vendors selling knock-off labels and delicious Thai street food in this market, granting tourists more reasons for exploration.

Restaurants in Phuket City

With the abundance of excursions in Phuket, your adventure will definitely leave you hungry for some delectable food to reenergize. Well, you’re in luck because Phuket City is filled with many restaurants that serve mouthwatering Thai cuisine that will surely give your taste buds the treatment they deserve.

Check out the well-known Pad Thai Shop in Karon if you’re craving a warm bowl of Pad Thai. If you’re looking for a healthier option, Suay restaurant offers healthy yet modern Thai dishes. In this city, indulging in tasty food is always necessary.

Phuket Big Buddha

An amazing landmark in Phuket, this statue of the Buddha sits at the top of Nakkerd Hills. It sizes up to 45 meters tall, making it hard to miss. The hilltop view is a panoramic sight of the majority of the island. The most distinguishing experience at the Big Buddha is the serenity and the calming traditional music, which will surely leave anyone within the vicinity in a tranquil state. For most people, it’s a good place to just relax and reconnect with their spiritual life.

The beaches of Phuket

A trip to an island surrounded by gorgeous and clear blue water isn’t complete without hitting up the beach. If you’re looking for a party to amp up the adrenaline, then Phuket has many nightclubs in the beach areas. The loud and bass music gives the partygoers a cause to celebrate and dance the night away. For family-friendly spots, Karon is a long beach on the island that’s filled with night markets and exhilarating activities, perfect for every family member’s enjoyment.

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