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5 Easy Beach Hacks to Enhance Your Vacation Experience

Planning to head out to the beach for your next summer trip? Here are some handy tips, or as some would call it, beach hacks to enhance your vacation experience and make the trip one for the books!

1 – Bring Some DIY Sand Removal PowderMost of us, if not all, enjoy playing in the sand. We love the idea of a lazy day relaxing on a powdery beach, taking photos and enjoying a good book. What many of us do not enjoy, however, is the feeling of scratchy sand sticking to our skin. Annoyed by the sand that just won’t seem to come out from between your toes? With this hack, you won’t have to worry about it anymore! Just grab some cornstarch and fill a shaker with it. Place it in your bag and when it is time to go home, take it out. Sprinkle some cornstarch over the parts of your body that have sand clinging on and rub gently. In no time at all, the moisture will be absorbed, leaving your skin nice and dry. This will then cause the sand just simply to fall off. You may need to brush yourself a bit to completely rid the sand off of your body, but the powder will make your life much easier.

2 – Freeze Your BottlesEver find yourself looking forward to icy cold water after being in the sun, only to gulp an unrefreshing mouthful of warm water? Fix this by freezing your water bottle overnight! Make sure you uncap it though, otherwise it may explode. Not only will a frozen bottle slowly melt into cold water, but it doubles as an ice pack for your food!

3 – Upgrade Your Beach TowelWith just a few stitches, you can turn your beach towel into an ultra-comfortable lounger! Look for a pillow or any type of cushion that is the same width as your towel and place it a pillow’s length away from the top. Fold the towel over the pillow over, sowing along the width of the cloth. Then, roll the pillow down the sheet, creating a giant pillow burrito. When you visit the beach, just unravel it and relax!

4 – Bring Sun Protective FoodsAlthough it’s a good idea to cover your body up with SPF sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful radiation, there are foods you can eat to strengthen your skin’s natural defenses. Fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, nuts, and olive oil can really boost your skin’s barrier against the elements. Blueberries, watermelon, tomatoes, greens, and carrots can also increase your skin’s defenses as well as slow the development of that wrinkly skin you’ve been trying to fight for so long! So, before you head out, make sure you have plenty of good food to eat and snack on. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

5 – Build a Sand BarrierNo one likes sand in their food and clothes, right? Address this problem by grabbing a fitted sheet and spreading it open. Put your coolbox, bags, and any other equipment on each end of the sheet and then stretch the sheet upwards. Now you have yourself a barrier! Not only are you protecting your items from sand, but you now have a cool place to lie down.

Remember these beach hacks when you go out to enjoy the sand, the sun, and the waves so that you have a much more enjoyable time!

After you’ve worn yourself out under the sun, don’t forget to come back and relax in the cool comfort of your hotel room at Diamond Cliff Phuket. If you’re looking for a luxury resort in Phuket, get in touch today to book your stay!

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