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6 Things to Consider in Planning a Wedding in Phuket

The beauty of the sea is simply fascinating. It’s not surprising that numerous lovers want the sea to witness the day they exchange their vows with the one they love. Indeed, beach weddings are the perfect event for romantics.

If you are planning to hold a beach wedding, you should consider holding your destination wedding in Phuket, Thailand. Phuket is home to gorgeous beaches, so it will definitely make your event special. However, to ensure things will go well, make sure to put these considerations into your plan.

1. Legality and Permits
First things first, before you set your mind to have it on the beach, make sure you will be allowed to do it. You have to get a permit from the local authorities that have jurisdiction over the beach area you are looking at.

You should also consider your visa and destination marriage certificate if you are an international tourist. There are a lot of details involved in this, so you should do your research.

2. Western or Thai Ceremony
The wedding ceremony will depend on your religion or belief guidelines. If you and your spouse are Christians, you can choose to get married with a Western tradition. However, if you want to get married at a Thai wedding ceremony, you must make arrangements with the Thai government and the monks of the temple you choose.

Make sure you also plan things like the decorations, the stage and chairs, and the food for your beach wedding. If you are going to hold a Thai wedding ceremony, you will also have to decide on the wardrobe of the ones involved in the ceremony.

3. Type of Beach
Now that you have the legal issues and the wedding ceremony ready, you can now pick the type of beach you want to hold your big day. You can choose from a secluded beach with the mountain as the background, a sunrise beach, or a beach facing the sunset.

4. Weather
Another thing to think of when planning a beach wedding is the weather. The ideal weather is a clear and sunny day. However, in tropical countries, there will also be a chance that you won’t be able to hold your big day in perfect weather.

So, you will have to choose an alternative plan. Plan an indoor wedding as a second option in case your wedding day happens on a cloudy or rainy day.

5. Guest Accommodations

You have to think of the accommodation of your guests when you plan a destination wedding, so make sure that you book a hotel in Phuket beforehand. If your wedding is held on a secluded beach, it will be better if you will pick a hotel nearby for the accommodation of your guests.

6. Amenities in the Accommodations
If you plan for your guests to stay at hotels or resorts, you must also make sure that it has all the amenities your guests need. For instance, your accommodation should have a restaurant, a spa, and a swimming pool, among others.

Final Thoughts
If you are planning a beach wedding in Phuket, Thailand, you must consider the tips above. Thinking about these things will make your big day a success.

If you’re looking for hotels in Phuket near Patong Beach, you should check out Diamond Cliff Phuket. Diamond Cliff offers spacious hotel rooms and suites with luxury amenities you and your guests will enjoy. Aside from the stunning sea views, you’ll definitely fall in love with the pampering you get from our excellent customer service. Call us today to discuss your wedding accommodation needs.

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