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6 Ways to Take Your Beach Wedding Photo Shoots to the Next Level

Phuket wedding packages often include professional photography services. After all, most couples love to immortalize the events of their special day through stunning snapshots. While their avenues for creativity never run out, these experienced lensmen accept suggestions from customers. Here are some creative ideas to take advantage of Phuket’s natural beauty in your beach wedding pictures.

1 – Step on some sand

One iconic image you can’t miss out on taking is the footprints of you and your lover on the sand. Not only does this make for a beautiful shot, but it is symbolic of your journey together. Even couples who are not yet married can have their version of the tracks leading away into the distance.

You can play around with the shot by using the couple’s hands with the rings tucked into the dents left by their ring fingers. Consider asking your photographer to include the two of you in the background of the photo, walking away with your footprints in the foreground. Do note that it’s best to avoid taking a shot near the shore because the tide can wash it away.

2 – Take advantage of the natural light

Photographers love being assigned to capture Phuket weddings because they get the perfect opportunity to play around with the location’s natural sunlight. Just look at the different effects they can create during various times of the day! They can take stunning portraits with sunbursts and silhouettes because Phuket’s beaches are facing the west coast.

The sunburst requires for the rays of light to pass through gaps within any item. You can add romantic couple poses such as hand hearts, holding hands and kissing to amplify the sunburst. The possibilities are endless for creating barriers that will funnel sunlight towards open spaces.

3 – Take a dip in the sea

“Trash the dress” is a new concept wherein the couple jumps into the sea while wearing their wedding attire. In effect, the dress is trashed and does not survive the wedding. Don’t attempt this shot if you’re wearing rented occasionwear. If you really want to try this shot, however, consider bringing a cheap set that you don’t mind destroying.

4 – Reflect on the special day

For an interesting twist on wedding photos, take shots of your reflection off a shiny surface like a pair of sunglasses. A macro lens will do the trick of capturing a view of the beach, as shown through the glossy surface.

5 – Use the horizon to perfection

When taking photographs of the beach, make sure that the horizon is parallel to the top and bottom edges of the photo. Place the line closer to the bottom because the image seems cut when the horizon is in the middle.

6 – Get creative

A beach wedding provides a template for several feature photos. Consider asking the groomsmen to get their feet wet in the water while their pants are folded up. Perhaps the newlyweds can pose at the edge of the seashore as well. There are so many ways to be creative with the sun and the sea. Let your imagination run wild!

Aside from photographers, Phuket wedding packages also include the set-up and the catering that is provided by an accredited hotel. Wedding organizers can find a suitable package according to the number of guests and the preference of the bride and groom. Leave them the mission of making everything perfect as you enjoy the start of forever!

After you’ve worn yourself out under the sun, don’t forget to come back and relax in the cool comfort of your hotel room at Diamond Cliff Phuket. If you’re looking for a luxury resort in Phuket, get in touch today to book your stay!

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