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7 Must-Do Things in Patong, Phuket

While Patong, Phuket is most well-known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife, the district has a lot more to offer. This article will list down all of the things that you can see and do in Patong.

1. Stroll Along Bangla Street
One of the most famous spots that attract tourists from all over the world is the Bangla Walking Street, where the street springs to life once the sun sets. The area is packed with restaurants, go-go bars, pubs, and nightclubs. You can have some beer in Tiger Disco and make your way to the Illuzion nightclub to enjoy performances from a popular DJ. Whatever you choose to do, one thing is for certain: Bangla Walking Street is the perfect place for the wildest night out in Patong.

2. Do Some Shopping
Patong is also a great shopping destination. Jungceylon is a shopping complex on top of Bangla Walking Street. It has plenty of stores – international and locals alike – for the shopper in you to enjoy. Apart from this shopping mall, there are a lot of shops along the beach that sell a wide range of things, including knock-off makeup and clothes. You can also find some unique souvenirs that you can bring back home with you as well. 

3. Watch the Simon Cabaret Show
It’s no secret that Thailand has one of the largest transgender communities in the world. The fact is that they are often made fun of by people who don’t know better. In the Simon Cabaret Show, however, you will be left in awe after watching their performance. It may be hard to believe but the show is also child-friendly! This means that you can bring your kids with you. You can even ask to take the pictures with the performers after the show and bring the memories back with you.

4. Watch a Muay Thai Fight
You may know about Muay Thai, but have you ever seen it in real life? At Bangla Stadium, which is located right at the center of Patong, you can be a part of this cultural spectacle. When you go back home, you can tell your friends all about the experience!

5. Enjoy the Beaches

Patong has some of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. Freedom Beach, in particular, is among the most gorgeous. While Patong Beach can be too crowded and the scenery isn’t the best, Freedom Beach is much more peaceful and clean. True to its name, the white sand, the glistening water, and the luscious green backdrop make the place look like heaven on earth. However, do note that the beach can be rather difficult to access. It’s best to access Paradise Beach from the southwest of Patong.

6. Do Some Water-Based Activities and Sports
There are a variety of water sports and activities that you can partake at Patong Beach. You can go jet skiing, parasailing, and even surfing! If you’re not a fan of sand or you don’t like the beach, you can still enjoy surfing at Surf House, where you can surf on artificial sea waves that are almost as great as the real ones!

7. Get a Spa Treatment
Considering all the swimming, partying, and drinking that you have been doing ever since you arrived in Patong, some pampering will be much needed. Luckily, you can find many great spas in Patong, including ours! We offer a wide range of services and treatments, from Thai massages to hot stone therapy. You can choose whichever kind of spa treatment you’d like to get. 

Diamond Cliff Resort & Spa is rated as one of the best hotels in Patong, if you’re looking for a hotel in Phuket – we’re a great choice. Get in touch today to book your stay!

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