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A First-Timer’s Guide to Travelling in Phuket – What to Know

Phuket is among the safest and most easy-going tourist destinations in Thailand. If you have already set your eyes on this modern island for your next holiday, it’s best to start reading up about the place to prepare for the trip.

This destination has so much to offer you so you will never run out of things to see, do and eat! With that said, there are things you must and must not do to make the most out of your experience.

To help you achieve a perfectly safe and enjoyable excursion, here are some tips worth remembering:

1. Don’t Be Satisfied With Just Pad Thai

Now that you’re in Thailand, you have the chance to enjoy as much Pad Thai as you want!

However, you have to remember that this dish isn’t all that there is to Thai cuisine. You must also be adventurous and try a different dish every day. Thai cuisine boasts a wide variety of aromatic dishes. On top of that, Phuket is known for its excellent seafood. You’ll never run out of mouth-watering foods to try, so go around the island and explore other choices!

2. Obey the Red Flags on the Beach

You may have been looking forward to dipping your toes into Phuket’s pristine beaches, but once you’ve seen the red flags, it’s best to not push your luck. These red flags mean no swimming as the waves may be too high to be safe for the people. You may be confident in your surfing and swimming skills, but it’s best to obey the guidelines set by the locals.

Flags that are half-red and half-yellow mean that swimming is allowed in the space where the lifeguards are on duty.

3. Bargain, But Don’t Bargain Too Much

To make the most out of your Phuket trip without maxing out your holiday budget, you’ll need to sharpen your bargaining skills beforehand. However, you must remember that there are appropriate places and instances for negotiating!

For example, when you’re out on the market, you may start bargaining at around 70% of the demanded price. Bargaining at the convenience store or in a shopping mall, however, is a big no-no.

4. Always Wear a Good Sunscreen

The hotter climate in Thailand may seem enjoyable at first, especially if you are coming from a colder country. Despite this, you have to remember that the sun is still what it is, even in Phuket—prolonged exposure to it can give you a severe sunburn.

You may bask in the sunshine and enjoy the sunny weather, but you must always wear a good sunscreen. This will ensure a safer sun exposure while allowing you to achieve that gorgeous sun-kissed skin!

5. Don’t Overpack

Thailand has a tropical climate, so it is generally hot all year round. You must keep this in mind as you pack your things. You won’t need a lot of clothes; items as simple as tee shirts and short pants will help you get through your stay.

On top of that, you also need to anticipate that you may end up buying more than you planned. It’s best to keep your packing to the minimum so you will have enough room for all of your Phuket goodies.


Phuket’s pristine beaches, beautiful sunny days, and lively night markets will surely give you an experience you will not forget. To make your holiday trip even more memorable, keep in mind the tips mentioned above. These will help ensure a perfectly safe, hassle-free, and terrific stay that will make you keep coming back for more.

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