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Beach Clothes Essentials 101 – What to Pack for the Whole Family

Going to the beach is always a great way to spend a family vacation. The kids will love playing by the ocean, and parents can get a relaxing massage or a much-needed piña colada. It’s a win-win situation for all!

While the idea of spending a few sunny days frolicking on the beach is exciting, the thought of packing for it can be overwhelming. Packing for beach trips is tricky, especially if you’re preparing for your whole family. There are so many essential things to bring—gear, toys, sun care, health kits, gadgets, and clothes.

There are different things to consider when choosing which clothes to wear on your beach holiday. And of course, every family member has specific tastes and needs. Even though you want everyone to look stylish for those group photos, it will be difficult to be lugging around huge bags. Before you get a packing panic attack, we put together this ultimate guide on beach clothes essentials for the entire family.

Beachwear Essentials for Moms

Whether it’s a beach trip or hotel staycation, women tend to bring more things when traveling. Aside from the clothes, they’ll need other accessories to match like jewelry, bags, and shoes. However, when going on a family beach vacation, you should consider luggage allowance and convenience.

It’s best to choose tops, shorts, and swimwear that you can easily mix and match to create different looks. Clothes in solid colors are easier to style, unlike those with bold patterns. If you must bring dresses, choose ones that are made of light, wrinkle-free fabrics. Here’s a rundown of clothing essentials you need to pack:

  • • Swimsuits
  • • Dressy tops
  • • Maxi dresses
  • • T-shirts and tank tops
  • • Shorts and skirts
  • • Linen pants
  • • Sleepwear
  • • Innerwear
  • • Sarongs and cover-ups

Beachwear Essentials for Dads

While men are usually light packers, preparing your suitcase for a beach trip takes some smart planning. As soon as you confirm your booking with your resort, check out what activities the area has to offer. If you’re planning to play some sports or go trekking, you should remember to pack the appropriate attire and rubber shoes.

Also, remember to bring a more formal set of clothes on top of your casual t-shirts and board shorts. Treat your wife to a lovely romantic dinner by the sea before the trip ends. A loose, light polo and khaki pants would look good for this occasion.

Beachwear Essentials for Kids

If you’re traveling with young children, you should pay more attention to their checklist than yours. Kids tend to get their clothes dirty all the time, so they’ll need more outfit changes. Be sure to bring extra shirts, bottoms, undergarments, swimwear, and towels. What’s a good number? Consider doubling the amount you’d typically bring for yourself.

Remember, kids will be kids. Their activities will mostly consist of swimming and playing on the sand. Therefore, leave the fancy clothes at home and opt for fuss-free, wash-and-wear garments instead. However, you can bring one or two cute summer outfits for when the resort offers a special activity, like a group dinner or a movie night.

With careful planning and a complete clothing checklist, you can avoid stressful last-minute packing and have that perfect family vacation!

If you’re are looking to have a wonderful family vacation a beach resort in Patong, get in touch with the Diamond Cliff Resort & Spa. We’re happy to help!

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