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5 Things You CANNOT Do in Phuket

When it comes to getting the ultimate getaway experience under the sun, nothing beats Phuket’s beauty, as Thailand’s gem feels like a tropical paradise where people can unwind, go on nature-driven adventures, and explore gastronomic foods along the way. While tourists find Phuket a beautiful destination for summer vacations, it’s easy to focus on bucket lists and overlook certain actions you should avoid to respect the locals’ customers.

Just like any place in the world, Phuket is filled with traditions and cultures that foreigners may not know. So when you’re planning a trip to the palm-fringed, sandy beaches, hike through verdant landscapes, or hop from one colorful temple to another in Phuket, don’t forget to get to know their customers so you can avoid disrespecting anyone during your stay.

What to Avoid When You’re in Phuket

1. Taking Photos of People Without Asking for Permission

Phuket is home to a rich and diverse culture with stunning landscapes, delicious foods, and vibrant traditions. If you want to capture the essence of this island in the most respectful way possible, ensure you ask for permission before taking photos of anyone in the area.

2. Wearing Inappropriate Clothing

For tourists, dressing modestly is a simple, yet effective way to respect the local culture. Dressing too revealing, skimpy, or even in swimwear and micro-bikinis is considered inappropriate in Phuket, especially in places such as religious sites, restaurants, and markets. However, if you want to get away from the crowds a bit, you can explore some of Phuket’s quiet beaches away from the city’s tourists.

3. Taking Photos of Buddhist Temples

If you want to capture the beauty of a Buddhist temple in Phuket, it’s better to ask permission first before whipping out your camera and taking a snap of the marvelous scenery. Doing so will show respect for the local traditions and for Buddhist monks who are present in most of the temples.

4. Littering

Beaches and islands are naturally beautiful, but keeping them that way is not easy. That’s why visitors are encouraged not to be part of the problem of dirty beaches and islands by not leaving their garbage behind. Instead, if you want to explore off the beaten path, you can always bring your own trash bag so you can properly dispose of your waste.

5. Tossing Coins into Water

Tossing coins into water is one tradition that’s very popular with tourists, but it’s also one that locals don’t appreciate. Tossing money into the water, especially into temples and lakes, is considered a sign of disrespect, and it offends many locals. If you want to donate, you’re better off giving money or food to the monks and nuns, who are around places that accept donations.

The Bottom Line: Customs You Need to Know to Remain Respectful When Exploring Phuket

If you want to live in harmony with the locals, avoid the above-mentioned points when you’re traveling to Phuket. While the island can be a fun and relaxing place, it’s also a place where many people live and work.

At the end of the day, Phuket is still a part of Thailand, and with that follows its strict customs and traditions. If you want to impress the locals and make the most out of your trip, remember to respect their way of life, whether you’re in the city or exploring the natural wonders of this island paradise.

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