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Mouth-Watering Street Food to Try in Patong, Phuket

The best way to experience a country and culture is through their street food. Thailand is among the best countries to visit for its many delicious delicacies that are easy to find in bustling streets.

You can try out a vast array of food in Patong, Phuket, from the roadside to the beachfront; locals and tourists alike can enjoy the tasty meat skewers, spicy salads, sweet pancakes, and more from stalls around the area.

When visiting a Patong beach resort and spa, dropping by the many nearby food stalls should be a top priority. The rich and overflowing Thai culture is reflected through the abundant food and desserts that one can get at an affordable price.

As fun as it can be, figuring out the flavors of Thailand can be overwhelming. So, in this article, savor the taste of the land of smiles with the top 6 must-try street eats.

Start Your Day with Kanom Jeen or Vermicelli with Curry

Kanom Jeen is one of the best local breakfast dishes in the country. It is a cold fermented rice vermicelli noodle dish served with a creamy sauce. There is an array of proteins to choose from, and one can go for fish, crab, beef, or the original Phuket chili paste curry. Aside from the delicious base, the Phuket-style Kanom Jeen is garnished with fresh and fermented vegetables. To find a Kanom Jeen stall, be observant of the tables. If there are plenty of vegetables, then it must be it!

Irresistible Gai Yang or Grilled Chicken

Chicken is a crowd favorite because of its undeniable juicy flesh. But, what if it’s a marinated grilled chicken? Not just any other grilled dish, but a Thai-style chicken marinated in fish sauce, lemongrass, pepper, garlic, and turmeric. The traditional way of preparing it is by pounding the meat to tenderize and bring out all its juices. Then, it is time to skewer it and grill over low heat. It is best paired with sticky rice and a spicy or sweet sauce.

Succulent Moo Ping or Grilled Pork Satay

Like the Gai Yang, Moo Ping, or Grilled Pork, Satay is also a local favorite. Tender pork meat is marinated with coriander root or cilantro stems and peppercorn. It is left to marinate for four hours, skewered, and grilled over hot coal. This dish is unique because the meat is brushed with additional coconut milk or cream while cooking to keep it moist. Traditionally, they serve it with glutinous rice and spicy dipping sauce.

Flavorful Som Tum or Papaya Salad

As Phuket’s national dish, Som Tum is an incredibly flavorful salad that you must try. It is a perfect blend of all the flavors, sweet, sour, spicy, salty, and a touch of bitterness. When craving for one, look for street vendors pounding green papayas, tomatoes, and green beans.

Unique Khao Kha Moo or Stewed Pork Leg on Rice

For tourists, Khao Kha Moo is an adventurous try. The star of this dish is a big and fresh pork shank or hock cut from the shoulder. It is stewed and then served on rice. Usually, it comes with fat and skin that gives it a unique, rich flavor.

End the Food Adventure with Roti or Sweet Pancakes

Roti is an irresistible Thai-style pancake found along the beach during the day and moves outside bars at night for a perfect midnight snack. It is cooked on a hot plate and enjoyed with various toppings such as Nutella. Traditionally, the crowd-favorite is the banana pancake, where the roti is drizzled with condensed milk and chocolate sauce.


Thailand is The Land of Smiles, and food is one of the reasons why Patong’s fantastic roster of street foods will surely satisfy any cravings and adventurous buds with a rich touch of culture and local flavors.

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