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How Couples on Honeymoon Can Bond While in Phuket, TH

How Couples on Honeymoon Can Bond While in Phuket, TH

Whether you’re just in the young honeymoon phase of your relationship or you’re newly married to the love of your life, bonding with your partner is a must. Planning a romantic vacation may not be the easiest as you’d want to achieve and make many memories while on your trip.

Some couples run into a roadblock where they don’t know exactly what to do, struggling to pick out the destination and activities they want to carry out. Our suggestion is to come to Phuket, which is the perfect getaway for any honeymoon couple. From thrilling adventures to a lax afternoon, you can experience it all in Thailand.

Here’s a brief list of how you and your loved one can bond together in Phuket, TH.

1) Ride a Canoe or Raft

There are many bays and seas where you can ride on a canoe with your loved one for a calm conversation while over the water. If you want to find an adventure that can start and keep the adrenaline going, whitewater rafting in Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary can be an unmatched experience.

2) Bathe at the Beach

There are plenty of beaches where you can catch the sun and bathe in the water with your partner. Patong Beach is quite a popular tourist destination due to how beautiful it is. Consider booking a room at a Patong resort if you want to stay a little longer in that area, popping in and out of your accommodation to feel the sand on your feet.

3) Go Island Hopping

The traveling doesn’t have to stop for any couple after arriving in Phuket. You can continue exploring by going to the different islands in the area. Hitch a ride on a speed boat to make it to Phi Phi, Koh Khai, Similan Islands, and more. You could even stop for a little underwater dive if you and your partner want to catch a peek of the corals below.

4) Have a Resto Dinner

Thai cuisine can be rather delectable, and it’s only right for a tourist to go adventurous with their taste buds. You and your partner can have the time of your life slurping all the soup and stir-fried noodles that you can eat. La Gritta Restaurant has an acclaimed menu while being the perfect venue for a candlelight dinner.

5) Schedule a Cruise

Going on a cruise can be extremely exciting, especially if it’s you and your loved one’s first time. You could pretend to be on the Titanic while on the Ayodhaya and take a couple of pictures of the skyline and views that you pass by. Phang-Nga has breathtaking scenery that you’re sure to enjoy and treasure for the rest of your life.

6) Take a Spa-Day

Finally, to wind down from all the walking that you might have done on the way, dedicate a day of your trip to just having a spa. The services in Thailand can be an absolutely relaxing break from your everyday duties. You and your partner can have some quality time just getting pamper and rejuvenated together.


Although honeymoons are often short, they shouldn’t have to stop you from making it special. There are so many things to do and activities to bond over. You and your partner would surely have your fill when you choose Phuket.

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