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4 Beaches You Should Visit to Maximize Your Phuket Vacation

Phuket has everything that everyone needs for a dream beach-side vacation. From the warm sands to the cool seas, the beaches on this stunning island are just something out of this world, to the point that many of these spectacular beaches have become worldwide attractions! Unfortunately, this wide variety of beach choices can leave you with one problem: not knowing which one to visit.

Are you having trouble picking a suitable beach to visit during your Phuket vacation? If so, we’ll list down a few beaches that we believe you must visit:

1. Kata Beach

What once started as a village has now become one of the most fantastic tourist attractions on Phuket island. Kata beach is well known to house all sorts of hotels and resorts, along with restaurants, gift shops, and more. It is also known for its peaceful and relaxing shores, perfect for those looking to enjoy some quiet on the sands. If you have a family and want to go to a calm and relaxing beach, you cannot go wrong going to Kata beach.

2. Surin Beach

For those looking for the ultimate relaxing beach experience, Surin beach can offer that. Just like Kata beach, it is also one of the quieter beaches around, even quieter at times. Apart from its chill shores, the beach is the go-to place for the rich. It is lined with luxury homes and hotels, along with high-end bars and more. This has given the beach its other name, “Millionaires Row.” If you are looking to live like the rich, Surin Beach is the way to go.

3. Karon Beach

Being the second largest beach in Phuket, Karon beach spans around 3 kilometers long. It rests between Patong beach and Kata beach, both of which are top-rated beaches. Surprisingly enough, Karon beach doesn’t get that many crowds, perfect for those who want more of the beach to themselves. Karon beach is also aligned with restaurants, souvenir shops, and more, ensuring that your vacation is as fun and exciting as ever.

4. Patong Beach

If you want to go to the absolute most famous beach in Phuket, go to Patong beach. If you are a big fan of peace and relaxation, you may be pretty disappointed. Patong is the definition of energy and excitement, and a ton of people go there every day to enjoy what the beach has to offer. At night, life gets even more exciting here, perfect if you want to enjoy an exciting evening. Filled with restaurants, bars, and more, Patong beach is your go-to place if you want to experience an action-packed and energy-filled beach vacation.


If you are looking for quieter beaches to visit, consider options like Surin and Kata beach. On the other hand, if you want something more exciting and adrenaline-rushing, Patong beach is the way to go. Really, where you go will be up to what you want to experience during your vacation. However, if you absolutely cannot pick which beach to visit, pick any of the options above! They’re all great beaches to visit, and after you visit one, you may just realize what kind of beach vibes with you the most. Plus, with many beach options, you can visit one that you’re in the mood for!

Diamond Cliff Phuket is a resort and spa at Patong, offering a luxury Thai experience for those looking to enjoy a romantic, private, and spacious retreat. If you are interested in booking at a Patong beach resort and spa, book at our resort today!

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