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Things You Shouldn’t Worry About When on a Trip to Phuket

Having worries about traveling to a completely new country is perfectly normal. You might be anxious about any bad news stories that could happen around the corner. Even the beautiful island of Phuket may seem dangerous, but don’t let these worries stop you from traveling.

Just like any place in the world, Phuket isn’t completely safe. But it’s easy to get caught up in the bad news when no one is reporting the good news as frequently. Here are some Phuket worries you might have, and reasons to stop worrying about them.

The Roughness of Phuket Seas

While Phuket seas are calm and peaceful for the majority of the year, tides can get rough around May to October. Being so close to the Indian Ocean, there is a high chance of getting carried away by riptides during the low season.

When planning your trip to Phuket, it’s best to do so during high season if you’re planning on going surfing or kayaking. Rest assured, Phuket coasts will have warning flags and designated areas where it is much safer to swim. Make sure you follow safety protocols and be within sight of a lifeguard at all times.

Being Street Smart Enough for Phuket

Big, highly dense countries like Thailand might be intimidating, especially when there are a number of reported scams that still catch people unaware to this day. The jet ski scam, for instance, is one of the most popular ones.

Before exploring the areas, make sure you read up on travel expectations for certain locations. Make sure to check for reviews of any services or tours you might consider getting to make sure they are credible. Preparation is your best protection against these kinds of scams.

Thailand’s Tap Water

Unlike many places in the U.S., Thailand’s tap water is not usually safe to drink. This means that you can’t get water directly from the tap. You’ll likely have to buy bottled water from stalls or request for a glass of water in your hotel.

If you’re worried about ice cubes made out of tap water, don’t worry. Ice served in any drinks from Thailand, whether it be a fancy restaurant or a humble stall, is typically made with an ice-making machine from safe, distilled water.

Currency Exchanges

When making currency exchanges before traveling, it is common to wonder whether you should have them exchanged in the country you are visiting or back home. In Thailand’s case, there are lower tax rates, so it’s wiser to make exchange rates in Thailand itself.

Learning a New Language

Going to a country with an entirely different language can be scary for anyone. You don’t want to get lost somewhere and not be able to ask for directions.

Well, if you’re planning on visiting Phuket, the good news is that a majority of Phuket citizens can actually speak good English. Phuket operates on a tourist-oriented economy, meaning that a majority of its stores, restaurants, and other concessionaires.

If the first person you find is not able to express themselves well, they will probably know someone else who does.


Phuket is one of the most beautiful islands to visit. Don’t let any worries stop you from having your own Phuket adventures.

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