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Discover the Best of Phuket 5 Amazing Day Trips You Can Do

Phuket, a beautiful island in Thailand, is a treasure trove of attractions and activities. Known for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and wonderful cuisine, Phuket is a must-visit destination in Southeast Asia. Booking a Patong beach resort for your trip is a great way to experience this beautiful island. But, to make the most of your vacation, consider taking some exciting day trips to explore the various hidden gems of Phuket. In this blog, we will take you through five exciting Phuket day trips that you should not miss.

1. Phuket Old Town

The charming Phuket Old Town is the first stop on our list of exciting day trips. Steeped in history, the old town is a beautiful blend of Sino-Portuguese architecture and traditional Thai culture. Stroll along the quaint streets lined with colorful shophouses, local markets, and street food vendors. Visit the beautiful temples, including Wat Mongkol Nimit and Wat Khao Rang, to witness the religious and cultural heritage of Phuket.

Remember to stop by the Thai Hua Museum, which showcases the history of Phuket and the influence of the Chinese community on the island. Complete your visit to the old town by sampling some delicious local dishes at the many restaurants and street food stalls that dot the area.

2. Elephant Sanctuary

Next on our list is the heartwarming experience of spending a day at an ethical elephant sanctuary. These sanctuaries rescue and rehabilitate elephants subjected to harsh conditions and provide them with a safe and natural environment. Spend a day interacting with these gentle giants, feeding them, and bathing them in the river.

3. Phang Nga Bay

A trip to Phuket would be incomplete without exploring the breathtaking beauty of Phang Nga Bay. Phang Nga Bay is a must-visit destination known for its dramatic limestone karsts jutting out of emerald-green waters. Take a boat tour to explore the many islands and caves in the bay, including the famous James Bond Island, named after the movie “The Man with the Golden Gun” filmed here.

4. Snorkel and Dive

Phuket is a paradise for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts with its crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life. For an unforgettable underwater adventure, take a day trip to the nearby islands, such as Phi Phi Island, Similan Islands, or Racha Island.

Explore the colorful coral reefs and swim with the diverse marine life, including clownfish, turtles, and even sharks. If you’re a diving novice, many diving schools in Phuket offer beginner courses and guided dives to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

5. Big Buddha

Last but not least, visiting the Big Buddha statue is a must when in Phuket. Perched on top of Nakkerd Hill, the 45-meter-tall statue of Buddha is an iconic landmark visible from most parts of the island. A visit to the Big Buddha offers an insight into Buddhist culture and panoramic views of Phuket and the surrounding islands.

As you make your way up to the statue, remember to stop at the viewpoint to enjoy the breathtaking vistas of the island. Once at the top, take a moment to appreciate the serenity and spirituality of the place and soak in the stunning views surrounding you.


Phuket has so much more to offer than just its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife. By venturing out on these exciting day trips, you can truly immerse yourself in this amazing island’s diverse culture, history, and natural beauty. So, book that Patong beach resort and start planning your unforgettable Phuket adventure!

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