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Enjoy These Top 5 Luxurious Activities in Phuket

Phuket, located right by Thailand’s the Andaman Sea, is known for its natural beauty and white sand beaches. With more than thirty beaches, this island offers a wide range of popular and crowded spots. It also offers more quiet and hidden spots for those willing to venture off the main path. This postcard-worthy location features palm trees and beautiful seas, offering guests a lot to see and so much to do.

To make the most out of your next visit, we’ve prepared a list of the top five luxurious activities which you can enjoy while you’re in Phuket.

The Exciting Rum-Tasting Session

This one-of-a-kind pastime is strictly for adults only and is one of Phuket’s best-kept secrets. It takes you on a trip to the most secret sites, such as the cashew nut farm (which overlooks the island’s rich crops) and the Chalong Rum factory, where a local guide will tell you fascinating facts and history.

You will also be able to take in the process of creating rum and, of course, sample a cup or two. You’ll then head to one of the most incredible viewpoint spots on the island, which is the second-highest hill in the area, to watch and enjoy the sunset.

The Dreamy Boat Cruise

There’s nothing quite like basking in the sun’s rays from a boat deck of your dreams. In Phuket, Junk Boats are a form of public transport, most popular with visitors of the island. As you relax on the cruise, you can also enjoy and take a dip in the fantastic blue waters of Phang Nga Bay.

The scenery on this voyage is breathtaking and something you will want to remember for the rest of your life. Get up and personal with the Koh Panak and Koh Hong Islands on a canoe, or just join up with a guide who will take you through various rock formations and sea tunnels.

The Amazing Discovery of the Similan Islands

The journey begins at the Thap Lamu port in the province of Phang Nga. Before you board the boat, guides will walk you through the process of picking the finest snorkeling equipment, after which you get comfortable on the speedboat for the voyage.

The first destination is Koh Payu, where you can go underwater to see the natural and vibrantly colored coral and aquatic life. Soon, you’ll be on your way to Princess Bay, where you’ll be served incredible traditional Thai cuisine while sitting on the magnificent white beaches.

The Gastronomic Experience at La Gritta

La Gritta is located towards the southern end of Patong Bay at the Amari Phuket. The main restaurant includes both an indoor and outdoor seating area, the former of which is air-conditioned.

La Gritta Terrance, a pleasant and modern place with some open-air dining area, is located on the second level. To accompany your lunch al fresco, take in the breathtaking scenery and listen to the sound of waves engulfing the coast.

The Majestic Big Buddha

The Big Buddha is one of the most massive sculptures around the world, seemingly dominating the skyline. Take part in a personalized introduction to Buddhism, the land’s major religion, and discover more about the culture. Explore the temples of Wat Luang Pu Supha and Wat Chalong, which were erected by a Thai Buddhist meditation teacher, Luang Pu.

You also learn about the Four Foundations of Mindfulness and meditation techniques by Mahasi Sayadaw. This tranquil half-day trip will allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture while simultaneously providing opportunities for self-reflection and learning.


What’s a vacation without a bit of luxury? These five most exciting activities in Phuket will make for incredible memories, so make the most of your trip by indulging in new experiences brought by the rich culture of this island.

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