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Essential Information for Your Upcoming Trip to Phuket

When you are traveling somewhere that you have never been before, you should do some research before you actually make the trip. Key things to look for are what the weather is like, what seasons there are, the culture and people, the currency, and of course means of transportation.

Phuket, a beautiful tropical paradise located in Thailand, is a favorite destination among travelers across the globe. It is most famous for its abundance of sunshine, sandy beaches, and the warmth of the ocean.

Here is some essential information for your upcoming trip to Phuket.

It’s Humid
Since Phuket is an island located in a tropical country, humidity is to be expected. The average weather on a normal day falls around the 30-degree celsius range. However, what you will end up feeling will be far higher than that because of humidity.

But It Rains Sometimes, Too
It is easy to assume that tropical islands, by default, are sunny all year round. However, there are also rainy days to be expected. Phuket is certainly no exception to this. One of the biggest reasons that the island is a travel destination no matter the time of year is that there are no severe weather occurrences there. There are scattered thunderstorms every so often, but that is quite normal.

If you would rather not have to deal with the possibility of rain at all during your beach holiday, avoid making the trip to Phuket during September and October. Those are the rainiest months in Phuket every year. Aside from that, depending on the monsoon, there can be a thunderstorm or two during May. That is not to say that you will not be able to enjoy bountiful sunshine.

Expect Mosquitos
One of the things insects love the most is warm weather. Since Thailand is a tropical country, prepare accordingly. One of the common insects that travelers are bound to come across are mosquitoes. Hotels and villas are usually prepared for this, and are well-equipped with insect repellent, mosquito sprays, and such. You can also go ahead and buy bug spray from almost anywhere, as practically all the convenience stores across the island sell them.

Don’t Drink the Tap Water
Complimentary drinking water is usually seen as a luxury when provided by hotels and resorts. For the most part, it is. Though in Phuket, it is generally a subtle way of informing guests that the tap water is simply unsafe for human consumption. While it seems tedious to continuously buy potable drinking water, it is incredibly easy to do so no matter where you are on the island.

Going on a holiday can be an incredible experience, especially if you are off to the beach. No matter what happens, it is important to be prepared wherever you’re headed. Phuket is a dream destination for many because of the fun yet relaxing vibe it has to offer. Make sure you’re all set so that when you arrive, you can enjoy yourself with no worries.

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