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Organizing the Perfect Night to Experience Phuket Nightlife.

There’s no denying that the nightlife in many locations is one you need to experience to get a full picture of what that area has to offer. Phuket is an island is rich in places, events, and endeavors for you to try out.

From enjoying a few drinks and eating seafood at any of the local restaurants that serve special prawns to checking out the bars in Patong Beach, Phuket is your place to check out whatever you fancy. If you’re trying to organize an itinerary while in the area, here are five things that will build up the perfect nightlife experience in Phuket:


1) Party in the Bar

The first place to head to when planning to have the perfect nightlife experience in Phuket is the bar. There are many places bars in most towns and cities in Phuket. Plenty offer cheap drinks, which can be enjoyed with different seafood.

You can start with a drink at the local bar, or you can even head to the bar at the hotel where you’re staying. No matter what, every tourist should check out at least one of these amazing clubs during their stay when in Phuket.


2) Visit the Restos

Make sure to take the time out and enjoy the local cuisines and restaurants. After hopping from pub to pub, you’ll surely be hungry by the time you finish. Choose to go to the lovely restaurant at your hotel or one of the beachfront restos. If you aren’t really sure about what type of dish to get, Phuket is known for serving the best prawns.


3) Chill to Live Music

While you’re enjoying the food, you may want to check out some local bands playing in the background. Not every restaurant will offer this kind of entertainment, but some will. If you happen to find yourself in a location that has a band playing, don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy their set while getting great food and drinks.


4) Take a Walk on the Beach

If you want to have a break from the music, you can always stroll along the beach, where you can hear the sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline. It’ll be a relaxing way to continue the night, especially when the stars are out.

Some also love to soak in the sand as they enjoy the waves. At night, the water will look more beautiful, and you’ll be able to see other people enjoying the beach. Take some of those pretty photos for your camera roll and Instagram to commemorate the niceties of nightlife.


5) Wind Down in the Resort

For those who are really exhausted, consider going back to your hotel and enjoying the nightlife experience in Phuket by winding down. Taking a quick swim by the poolside or just having a warm bath or shower to unwind can feel absolutely perfect.

If you’re planning to de-stress, you can ask the receptionist of your hotel to give you a spa appointment. Some hotels have their own in-house massage therapists, so you are pretty much guaranteed to have an amazing end to your night in Phuket.



It’s no question that taking in the nightlife in Phuket is just as fun as exploring the beaches and other parts of the island during the day. Experience the nightlife in Phuket in the way you want to and create an evening full of memories.

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