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Top 5 Fun Activities for Kids When Visiting Phuket

Top 5 Fun Activities for Kids When Visiting Phuket

If you are traveling to Phuket with kids, there are lots of activities available for your young ones to enjoy, from toddlers to preteens and teenagers. There’s a variety of things to do for all ages and tastes. Below, you’ll find some great options that allow older children to enjoy themselves while having some vacation time in Phuket.

1. Phuket Trickeye Museum

Is this a fun way to have an educational day on their vacation? You bet! The Phuket Trickeye Museum is a must-stop for any child on their visit to Phuket. This interactive museum will captivate and educate with its 3D painting exhibition. The museum is located on the corner of Montri and Phang Nga roads and is a treat for the whole family. There’s really no amount of words to describe the many art pieces you can find there, so you better just go with the family and see for yourself.

2. Flying Hanuman Jungle Adventure

If you’re going anywhere near central Phuket, there’s a place there called the Flying Hanuman jungle adventure, and it’s a must-stop for anyone with kids! The Flying Hanuman is an adventure park located on the lush forest hillside of central Phuket and is definitely a location for a family day out. Children above four years old will enjoy its many treetop walkways, zip lines, and abseiling courses. Now, you may need to shell out some cash for the tickets, but it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind experience that your kids will surely remember.

3. Splash Jungle Water Park

Now, if your kids enjoy water activities, then you are definitely going to want to check out Splash Jungle Phuket. This water park is located in Mai Khao and offers a variety of fun things to do when it comes to water. They have a selection of slides, a wave pool, and even a family raft ride. This is a great way for the kids to experience what the ocean’s like in a fun, family-friendly environment.

4. Patong Go-Kart Speedway

When you’re in Patong and searching for family fun in Phuket, you have to check out the Patong Go-Kart Speedway! This is a fun kart racing track where you can enjoy a friendly race against your family and friends. The racetrack is 750 meters long and is located at the feet of Patong Hill’s Kathu side. There are plenty of sharp curves and smooth bends on the entire circuit, so kids will surely enjoy themselves in this adrenaline-charged experience.

5. Game Space Laser Battle Thailand

If you still have time in your itinerary, you can drop by the Game Space Laser Battle arena located in the center of Bangla Game Space in Patong. The place is hailed as the largest laser-shooting arena in all of Thailand. Before entering the play area, you and your kids can don a battlesuit and proceed to an expansive battlefield where you can play an intense but fun game of laser tag. The games are very hands-on, so you’ll be in for a real treat.


Phuket is an island that is filled with a multitude of activities for kids to look forward to. There’s fun for the whole family to enjoy and memories for the family to share for years to come. If you want to enjoy your vacation with the kids, then there is no reason not to take them with you on your trip. You’ll be grateful you did.

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