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Get Closer to Nature With Phuket Bird Park

Phuket is every traveler’s dream. With its turquoise blue waters and white sandy beaches, it’s quite hard to think of anything that could be more beautiful. It may have garnered as much attention as a romantic getaway, but Phuket’s charms are for everyone—especially family bondings.

Between the rich food and beach views, Phuket is an island of many surprises. There’s more to it than meets the eye, as the island is bustling with activities you’d want to try out. One of the well-kept secrets is the Phuket Bird Park, which is located in Chalong.

As a place for children and nature lovers alike, here’s everything you need to know about the bird oasis:

1 – It houses diverse species of birds

The bird park is situated in a large area of 12 acres, and you’ll be greeted by a large green jungle with an Indiana Jones-inspired bridge, which already signals one thing: you’re in it for an adventure!

The large sanctuary features over 1,000 birds kept in their respective cages, which is about 80 different species. You’ll be able to meet macaws, barn owls, Hornbills, and even eagles, where you and the children will be able to get photos taken. The other birds come from various continents, which includes Asia, South America, and even Africa.

You’ll need to watch the kids carefully, though, as although the park is safe and secure, it also houses some of the strongest and fiercest bird species, such as peacocks and ostriches.

2 – Come prepared

Although technically located in a forest, the surrounding walls and large net covering makes the area hot and humid. The net prevents the birds from escaping, which also provides a nice little protection from the heat of the sun. As you may well know, birds enjoy a respite from the sun, provided for them by trees.

Due to the hot and humid temperatures, it’s best to come prepared with bottled water, extra face towels, extra clothes, and some snacks. If you need refreshments, however, the park offers coffee and souvenir shops you can visit.

3 – Stay for the shows

While looking through the birds may take up much of your time, don’t forget about the bird show! As you make your way through the park, you’ll find a huge amphitheater on top of a hill, which mimics the classic Sino Portuguese style. The show features birds that come with adorable nicknames, which will then proceed to perform tricks. You’ll see Hornbills, eagles, and even owls fly across the theatre to retrieve certain items, most of which are placed on volunteers.

Children especially love the parrots, as these clever creatures have been trained to ride bicycles, play dead, and even perform some basic accounting. As an extra treat, the training masters also introduce three adorable otters, which then dances for the crowd.


The beaches and other activities are more than worth exploring, but Phuket Bird Park is perfect for families traveling with children. It’s an entirely new experience, one that doesn’t detract from what Phuket has to offer.

Deeply rooted in nature’s best, Phuket Bird Park merely draws from what the island already has to offer. Nature and adventure, with just a little bit of colorful fun for children. It’s open from 9 AM to 5 PM, with entrance fees reading from 300 Baht (children) to 500 Baht (adult). To find the park, just follow all the directions pointing to Wat Chalong.

After a day of adventure around Phuket, you’d want to come home to a place that’s comfortable and relaxing. Diamond Cliff offers just that, which is a hotel near Patong Beach in Phuket. Treat your family with extra love—book your stay with us today!

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