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What to Do On Your Honeymoon in Patong

If you are heading to Patong for your honeymoon, know that this beachy getaway has tons of attractions and activities for newlyweds to enjoy. Not only is there a shore to indulge in, but there are so many beautiful views with exciting and relaxing getaways. Here are some of the activities you can do in Patong, Phuket for your honeymoon:

Enjoy the White Sand Beaches
Enjoy the beautiful white beaches with your better half. Take walks along the shore and get a breath of that sea breeze. It may be crowded if you go over the weekend, so try to pick a good time to stroll down the beach without having to struggle through the crowds. Catch a nice sunset on the beach with your lover and enjoy a romantic dinner together. Lay in the sand and enjoy the beautiful glowing horizon with a nice Thai beer.

Have a Romantic Thai Dinner Date
Almost everyone loves Thai food, and there’s no better place to eat it than in Thailand! Phuket has some amazing seafood fresh off the boat! Get yourself some gourmet Pad Thai or Green Curry. You can get some delicious shrimp and squid at local restaurants. You know it’s legit when locals go there!

Go Partying!
Patong is a great place to party, if that’s your scene. Dancing close to each other while being a little tipsy can bring excitement and romance to your new life as a married couple. For gay couples, there are some great clubs to see as well as awesome drag shows. We highly recommend checking out Paradise Complex.

Take a Cruise
Patong has great trip packages for some romantic boat cruises. There are some great islands and canals to check out. Aside from that, there are plenty of other places with great activities to check out while you’re on this cruise. This will give you an opportunity to visit multiple places and see a little more of the South of Thailand while you’re at it.

Have a Spa Day
After having a day of adventures together, you will want to relax a bit. This calls for a Thai massage or spa day! There are tons of places you can get some relaxation with a Thai massage, aromatherapy, or an oil massage in Patong. Near and sometimes even in all the hotels and tourist hot spots, you should be able to find some somewhere to get a relaxing massage.

Visit Paradise Beach
This is a great place to go if you want a more intimate beach experience. You can swim in the water without any worries and enjoy the beautiful view, lush jungle, and tropical weather. This truly is a honeymoon paradise for lovers to enjoy a secluded beach without crowds.

Go Check Out a Muay Thai Fight
Going to see Thai boxing together can end your night with a little exhilaration. If you’ve ever dipped into the world of martial arts, you would have heard of Muay Thai. There are two main stadiums to check out for these thrilling events: Patong and Bangla boxing stadium. It’s certainly worth visiting either one!

Stop By a Waterfall
If you are getting tired of the beach, there are plenty more natural wonders to go to. You will want to see the captivating Kathu waterfall. It features beautiful tropical forests and limestone waterfalls. You can’t miss out on this romantic stream.

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