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How to Create Memorable Family Trips in Phuket

Have you ever taken the time to think about the past? More specifically, a time where you went on a family vacation as a kid? Did you remember how long it took for you to reach the destination? Can you still imagine the excitement you felt upon arrival?

Research has shown that 62 percent of adults can remember the vacations they had as a kid. Most surprisingly, the majority of them recognizes holidays they had when they were between the age of five to ten.

Also, most of them stated that these experiences were intense and vivid, and even stronger than experiences of birthdays and schools. So how do you create experiences that your children will never forget? Read on to find out more:

Sharing Memories with KidsMost adults cherish their memories so much that they tell their children all about their experiences. If you’re one of those parents, then you’re probably as eager to let them enjoy the same experience you had when you were their age. This way, you make it possible for your kids to experience what you had.

Creating Travel MemoriesRegardless of how much time it takes and costs, it is still worth it to travel with the family. This is because you want to create memories, not only for you but for your children to remember as they grow up into adulthood. You won’t fail because your children will genuinely treasure their family vacation experiences. Children usually end up remembering what they did as a family and talking about experiences after vacation will cement the memory in their minds even further. As your kids grow into adults, some of their best memories will be the vacations they’ve had with you.

Multigenerational Vacations BenefitsThe more, the merrier. If your vacation consists of aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins, bonds will be strengthened. Most children cherish the fact that they had the chance to spend time with the older folks and feel closer to them. When the vacation is over, they will not forget all the fun things they did with their grandparents and extended family members.

Spend Time TogetherA family vacation doesn’t have to consist of an expensive trip on a cruise ship around the world or a trip to the world’s most expensive ice cream store. Although the above can significantly contribute to a memory that no one will ever forget, the most crucial factor is time.

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, as long as you spend this time together. Whatever you do, make sure everyone is on board. When you’re planning for a trip, let everyone contribute. When your kids want to visit a local souvenir store, go with them. The time spent together is what your kids will remember throughout the years.

So, planning for a family trip? Want your kids to have the same experience you had? Remember, it is not important what you do, but how you do it. Spend time together and make it fun for everyone, and your kids will cherish the trips as they grow.

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