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How to Make the Most Out of a Beach Meditation in Phuket – Our Guide

Are you looking for the best place to meditate and find true inner peace? Look no further than the beach. At the beach, everything becomes one. The sand, the sun, and the sea—all seem to play a role together, one depending on the other. The waves roll onto the beach, the sands warm up to the sun, and you, amidst all that, ready to close your eyes and achieve zen.

How do you make the most out of meditating at the beach? Simple: follow the ocean. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to meditate on the beach.

Find a Comfortable Spot

Before you begin, you must find a comfortable and relaxing spot to meditate. After all, you won’t be able to do that if you are always getting distracted either by your surroundings or by yourself. Look for a spot that’s shady with a soft place to sit or even recline. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready.

Breathe with the Ocean

The sea creates a rhythm on the beach. Listen carefully to the waves. When you hear the waves come in, take a slow and deep breath. When the waves are just about to crash onto the shore, hold your breath at its peak. As the ocean waters start to sink into the sand, slowly release your breath.

Maintain this rhythm, and you will soon find that, just like the soft sands of the beach conforming to the wind and waters, your body will start to soften up and relax as well. Remember, pause for a while after you’ve wholly released your breath before repeating the cycle for maximum relaxation.

Think like the water

As the waters slowly get absorbed by the sand, so should your mind and thoughts be incorporated with your breath. Focus on your breathing and your breath alone, and follow it as it travels through your body. That way, you can see where it goes, and watch it as it moves further and further inside you, reaching the furthest points possible.

Keep on breathing, and keep on focusing on your breathing. Pay attention to your breath until you cannot tell the difference between breath and body any longer. In other words, you are your breath and your body a part of it. Once you cannot find the distinction between breath and body, not only will you feel one with yourself, but one with sands, sea, and sun.

Last thoughts

To make the most out of a beach meditation, follow the ocean. Breath with the waves and think like the waters that sink into the sand. The more relaxed you become, the more effective your meditation will be at calming your mind and body.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways one can meditate. Even so, the ultimate goal for anyone in meditation is this: become one with the mind, body, and breath. The breath (the ocean) is one that unites your mind and body, just as the sea connects the sandy beaches with the cool air at the beachfront.

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