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Must-See Instagrammable Cafes during Your Phuket Vacation

As Phuket has re-opened its doors to tourists, there appears to be no more fascinating location in Thailand than Phuket itself. We’ve got you covered if you’re planning a trip or a staycation. Besides their well-known beach resort and spas, you may also be looking for the most Instagrammable cafés. This list has it all for you!

Stay for a treat (and a cup of coffee!) while you’re there. These cafes all have attractive interiors and designs other than their tasty treats. There’s something for everyone here, from the lotus ponds to the cappuccino cafés. Cafe-goers, gather around!

Rush Coffee with Its Stunning Blue Exterior
Rush coffee can’t be missed as you stroll through Phuket’s historic Old Town. It’s a beautiful structure with a dark blue front and a delicious cup of coffee to match. Since 2016, the espresso and slow bar has started roasting their own coffee.
Indulge your senses and enjoy the sights and smells of freshly ground coffee while you’re here. Don’t miss their lychee cold brew and take photos with their stunning blue exteriors.

Feelsion Café with Its Wide Dessert Menu
The Feelsion Cafe offers a wide variety of sweets. They know how to make Instagrammable sweets, and their menu and dessert selections reflect that. Among the offerings are chocolate scones, mango cakes, strawberry croissants, and doughnuts.
You should definitely try their daily special pies and take photos of their stunning desserts.

Crepe Is Crepe for Its Island-Style Café
If you want to get a taste of Paris, Crepe Is Crepe is a must-go destination. With its Thai-style crepes with crispy edges, the cafe is a favorite among locals and tourists. It’s an island-style cafe with white walls and wood accents.
Go for their crepes and take photos with their summer hat wall!

Delico Decoration Coffee and Dessert for Its Prime IG Spots
Mirrors, flowers, and even fake peacocks abound at Delico Decoration Coffee and Dessert. The inside and exterior are also dark blue, making them ideal backgrounds for Instagram photos, while the large windows and abundant natural light provide the perfect atmosphere.

You’ll want to try their afternoon tea sets and take photos with their jazzy interiors.

Mueyium Phuket Old Town Coffee for Its Historic Building
Mueyium Phuket Old Town Coffee is a coffeehouse with some of that history. The dark wood décor and menu include Thai coffee and a variety of regional specialties. This gives an old-school vibe to them. This historic building is dripping with narrative.

Definitely try their Café Boran and take photos with their sewing machine wall.

Ma Doo Bua Café for Its Large Lotus Views
Ma Doo Bua Cafe, whose name means “coming to view the lotus,” is essential for your Phuket Instagram game. Located next to a gorgeous lotus pond, this little cafe has a view of big lotus leaves. Romantic scenery awaits as you stroll the pier.
Check out their spicy curries and other Southern Thai favorites. You can go and take photos at the floating lotus pond after.

Refresh Tropical for Its Plunge Pool
A smoothie bowl may be just the thing you’re looking for. Tropical ambiance abounds at Refresh Tropical Cafe. There’s a little plunge pool in the coffee shop, adorned with straw and basket accents.

You can try their homemade durian chips and take photos in their small pool area.

Phuket is a hotspot for Instagrammers, both local and international, since it’s a haven for photogenic places, both natural and artificial. If you’re staying at a Patong beach accommodation, you might as well check out the Instagrammable cafes nearby.

If you’re looking for top-notch coffee and places to relax, Phuket is the place. Your Instagram feed is bound to be more interesting with these coffee shops.

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