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5 Life Hacks for Parents Travelling With Children to Thailand

Thailand, also known as the “land of the free,” is an excellent country to visit as a family. As the country accounts for 12 percent of its gross domestic product from tourism, the expected number of tourists visiting within the year is 5 to 15 million, while the country is still recovering from the pandemic. However, what should families traveling with children do to ensure their trip to Thailand becomes worthwhile? Here are some life hacks they can try.

1. Consider Water Activities

Thailand is a top tourist destination for water enthusiasts and outdoor fun. With many sights having soothing ocean views and plenty of activities to enjoy, parents who would like to take a break from their kids for a while can take them to one of the beaches for an afternoon of fun and frolic.

Families can also opt to rent a boat and go on an adventure into the open seas. If you’re new to the area, consider checking online reviews before renting. Another alternative is to contact a few Thai natives or ex-pats living in the area to recommend the best places and activities to enjoy.

2. Book Children-Friendly Accommodations

Research and book your accommodations in advance. If available, book a vacation package. A package usually costs less than booking only the flight, hotel, and transportation separately. Families can also book a package that includes activities and sightseeing within the area.

The package is cheaper and makes it easier to navigate the area, especially if you are unfamiliar with it. Look for a kid-friendly hotel. For families with young kids, look for hotels that provide a baby crib and kids’ playground. They should also have amenities such as a swimming pool, a spa and massage service, and a restaurant with a garden.

3. Bring Kids’ Needs

Families want to ensure kids are well-behaved and free from boredom during their vacation. It’s best to take a large bag and pack a few children’s toys and books, drawing materials, and plenty of their favorite snacks and drinks. Besides keeping them busy, kids are likely to feel less tired and more energetic if they are well-fed and rested.

Make sure that your children brush their teeth before going to bed. Remember to bring wet wipes and hand sanitizer to use after using the washroom and extra clothes. Pack an extra bag with different clothes and a pair of sandals.

4. Prepare Children in Advance

Prepare your children in advance by explaining the country’s culture and people by bringing along a map. It also helps to prepare some activities for them. If you’re taking a flight, let them watch videos or look at pictures of the country. Other parents consider buying postcards or photobooks to give their children a brief idea of what Thailand looks like. As a result, the kids look forward to visiting the country.

5. Eat Good Food

Food is one of the best ways for children to learn about history, culture, and people. If possible, try to help them discover the history of their food and the country. A great way to help them learn about the country’s culture is to attend Thai cooking classes or cook Thai food together.


Thailand is a country filled with countless things to do. Take the time to plan your trip and create fun activities for your children. With children in tow, you’ll want to consider many factors before deciding on a trip. Don’t forget to bring your kids’ favorite snacks and toys. Enjoy the trip!

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