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Here’s Why Phuket Should Be Your Next Vacation Destination

Every time you plan a vacation, you want to experience something different. Even if you’re visiting the same place for the dozenth time, chances are that you want to stay in another wing of the resort or try a new restaurant down the road. If you’re like most people, though, you want a fresh ambiance!

Vacationing is all about creating new memories as you explore what a new destination has to offer. Whether you’re going on holiday to relax or have fun, variety is one of the several factors you would want to consider in choosing your next location. And you can find that in the amazing Phuket!

Don’t think that we’re overrating, but Phuket is undeniably one of the best destinations in the world if you want to experience a lot during a vacation. If you’re still wondering how that could be possible, check out the reasons below.

The Temples

Let’s start with the temples. Phuket is home to 29 magnificent Buddhist temples. They are colourful, inviting, and depicts the rich culture and religion of the country. There are also museums where you can appreciate its people’s arts and tradition. For tourists who would want to have an opportunity to have a sight to behold, visiting each temple is an unmatched experience!

The Beaches

Want to indulge yourself in the pristine and gorgeous beaches? Thailand offers some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches, and many are found in Phuket. Let yourself enjoy the fine, white sands and amazing crystal-blue waters. Fill your sight with the abundant natural resources as you glance at the forested hills. Areas near the beaches provide high-end amenities, including restaurants and surf schools. You’ll get the one-of-a-lifetime chance to discover the delights a tropical beach can offer.

The Sunny Weather

Phuket is best to visit during summer when the weather is perfect for outdoor adventure. You can give yourself a perfect tan while relaxing on a beach or enjoying the watery depths. Phuket is lucky to have warm weather all year round. There are also occasional rain showers but not enough to spoil the tropical holiday vibe.

The Islands

The beautiful Phuket is surrounded by fascinating hundreds of islands. You can witness their unspoiled beauty by taking a boat ride. These islands also offer their visitors rugged terrain, beautiful beaches, and clear waters. Indeed, this is perfect if you are seeking a whole new adventure.

Some tourists also try diving around the islands, where they can enjoy the wonders of marine life and coral reefs. A whole day is not enough to appreciate the beauty of the place by doing island hopping and exploring each island.

The Nightlife

For many tourists, a whole day should be spent without missing what fun and excitement the place has to give. So, after a day’s adventure, they would also like to enjoy the nightlife in the area. You’ll find various clubs and bars along Phuket’s beaches, especially on Bangla Road. You can party and dance the whole night, or watch a show for entertainment.

The Food

Of course, the dishes and foods in a place make your stay there complete and satisfying. At Phuket, you’ll surely enjoy what the restaurants and hotels can offer. You’ve got to enjoy the finest international and local Thai dishes. The country is famous for its delicious spice-rich cuisine, and tasting these recipes will be an unforgettable moment. Varieties of flavours are waiting for you to enjoy!


Never miss Phuket on your bucket list. It’s a place where you can find and experience a variety of fun activities, arts, culture, food, and tradition. Make sure to find a great hotel and resort, like the Diamond Cliff Resort, to make sure your stay will be worth it.

At Diamond Cliff Resort, we offer an authentic Thai vacation experience to our guests coming from different parts of the world. Our amazing location puts us close to the beautiful hills of Patong near the romantic view of the Andaman Sea. If you’re searching for luxury resorts in Phuket for your next holiday vacation, book with us today!

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