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Diamond Cliff Resort & Spa

Making a Splash: Why Pool Villas Are the Best Resort Accommodation

There is nothing like the appeal of a private swimming pool to holidaymakers who enjoy their privacy. Endowed with a personal pool haven, pool villas are growing in popularity and come with a handful of other advantages for individuals, couples, and families. At Diamond Cliff, our luxurious villas come equipped with a 40sqm swimming pool overlooking the stunning Andaman Sea. Here’s what you can enjoy alongside your outdoor bath.

  • Kids’ Entertainment
    Nothing keeps the children busy more than a dip in the water without having to take a trek down to the beach. Along with a heated jacuzzi, our spacious pools will keep your little ones entertained for hours while you keep an eye on them directly from the master bedroom.
  • A Place to Party
    When traveling with a group, hosting a pool party is the best form of amusement. With the kids safely tucked into bed, the adults can indulge in an evening splash with a glass of wine in hand.
  • Personal Tanning Salon
    Looking to achieve a sweet, sunkissed tan? No need to book a trip down to the beach. Equipped with a gorgeous timber sundeck, you can tan in the comfort of your Diamond Cliff villa without having to line up for a sunbed!
  • Good Exercise
    We’ll be the first to admit that getting a good workout in during a holiday isn’t usually on our minds. However, a few quick laps can offset the inevitable weight gain brought about the over indulgencies we consume on vacation. Unlike crowded communal swimming pools, our palatial private pools give you enough space to swim for longer.
  • A Treat to Your Well-Being
    The stresses of planning a holiday can be incredibly understated. Once upon a time, families had to course plans through a local travel agent and sift through dozens of brochures before even getting started on an itinerary. Nowadays, accommodation, flights, insurance, and airport transfers are all available online. Yet, the pre-vacation hullabaloo still proves to be taxing.

Though your itinerary may involve exploring every nook and cranny of the enigmatic Phuket, every traveler’s first day usually involves getting some shuteye or indulging in a 24-hour staycation. If your holiday traditions are similar, your Diamond Cliff villa is the best place to wind down before the upcoming days of citywide exploration. A relaxing dip in the pool can lower your blood pressure, revitalize your spirits, and decrease stress tremendously.

What modern travelers don’t always seem to grasp is the health benefits that come with a well-planned vacation that quenches pockets of relaxation. At the Diamond Cliff, you can enjoy an authentic Thai experience without ever having to leave your villa.

Nowadays, families are straying away from traditional hotel and flight bookings and opting to rent posh pool villas instead—and for good reason! A way to prioritize privacy while soaking up the glorious sunshine, pool villas continue to be all the rage for those looking to explore the world.

At Diamond Cliff Phuket, our pool villas are adorned with beautiful Thai architecture and overlook panoramic postcard views of Patong Beach. Perfect for a comfortable family retreat, book with us today for amazing sea views and a pool that is all your own!

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