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Next On Your Vacation List Experiencing the Best of Phuket

You may perhaps be at home right now, complying with quarantine requirements. The COVID-19 has indeed placed vacation plans to a halt, effectively letting summer pass by without much excitement and bustle. With restrictions lifting and the world discovering candidates for vaccines, however, your adventurous soul may be exciting for your next big vacation.

Being stuck at home with not much to do has made you yearn for the outdoors—the beach, for instance, is a treat you wouldn’t want to miss. To make the most out of your future beach getaway, Phuket should be the number one on your list. With pristine blue waters and unparalleled cuisine, the entire island is an experience of paradise.

Before booking flights, however, it’s best to know exactly what Phuket has to offer—and why it’s the perfect destination after long months of quarantine blues:

1 – Basking under the sun

As an area blessed by Mother Nature herself, Phuket offers countless beach spaces you can choose from. Each area offers unique shades of blue ocean waters, glittering away in the sun. You’ll be greeted by white sandy beaches and sunsets to drink in, and the sound of ocean waves crashing against the shores will be like a dream come true.

While relaxation may be your ultimate goal, a trip to Phuket won’t be complete without participating in water activities. Don’t forget to bring your cameras—there’s plenty to see and experience!

2 – Trying fresh local cuisine

Experiencing Phuket will never be complete without the food and beverages. The glorious aroma and taste of Thai food are undeniable—failing to explore Thai food in its birthplace will almost certainly seem like a crime, so make sure to dedicate your days trying out local goods.

Try out Massaman curry, chewy pad thai, rich tom yam, and of course, the ever-decadent sweet mango sticky rice, topped with flavorful coconut milk. Throw in an order or two of Thai milk tea in there, which is the perfect companion to beat the heat. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try the popular street foods like grasshoppers and silkworms!

3 – Exploring the lively and busy night markets

Your trip to Phuket will never be complete without visiting the night markets. They’re perhaps one of Thailand’s best, an experience you just won’t find anywhere else. With colorful streets to explore and shopping to do, you’ll be spending hours and hours enthralled by countless street food, souvenirs, and even the culture!

Prices in these markets are extremely affordable, so you’ll never have to worry about losing cash. The very notion of tourists flocking these markets is comforting enough—exploring where the locals frequent is one of the most effective ways to get to know areas, so go ahead and get lost in the busy charm of night markets!

Dreaming Of Staying In A Private Luxury Villa?

People from all over the world come to experience the wonders of Phuket. And while the world continues to heal from the effects of COVID-19, quite soon the tides will shift back into our favor and set the world right once more.

Once that happens, you’ll be free to explore the world once more, starting off with the crowd favorite—the charming island of Phuket. Exploring the ocean, food, and night markets make for an unforgettable vacation, but why not elevate your Phuket experience by staying in a luxury villa?

If you wish to experience an authentic Thai luxury resort in Phuket, Diamond Cliff Resort & Spa is the place to go. We offer you panoramic views of the Andaman Sea, which can be enjoyed in the lovely and spacious confines of your own private villa. Experience the best of Phuket with us—reserve your private villa today.

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