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Plan Your First Best Trip to Phuket with These 3 Tips

Traveling to somewhere new is always an exciting experience. You’ll get to discover all sorts of locations, meet new people, taste delicious local food, and experience tons of activities. Yet, if you’re visiting a place for the first time, you should do a little bit of planning beforehand.

Planning ahead will help reduce any feelings of anxiousness that might come from being lost in a new location. If you’re planning to visit Phuket, you have nothing to worry about. In this article, we’ve gathered the most useful travel recommendations, including picking out a good Phuket accommodation for an enjoyable stay. Keep on reading to find out more!

1. Find the best accommodation and book it

You have a variety of beach choices while you’re in Phuket—there are 40 different ones! This abundance means there are a lot of places to choose from! Some hotels are close to the sea, while others are nestled inland. So, when selecting the best Phuket accommodation, be sure to think about the type of environment you prefer.

For instance, Patong is the most jam-packed place for tourists. So, booking a Patong accommodation with Diamond Cliff Phuket is a good deal if you want lush nightlife, tons of dining spots, and more people to meet. On the other hand, you can also enjoy chilled environments or indulge yourself in historical vibes.

2. Having Baht is a must

Most establishments in the area prefer getting paid in cash over credit cards. For transport, tuk-tuks and taxis also operate in cash. Fortunately, Thailand’s currency rate is favorable, so feel free to trade in your dollars for some Baht.

Keep in mind that only a few shops take credit cards in Phuket. Some businesses will also post stickers with acceptable payment cards at the front entrance, which can help you. But what’s important is that before making a purchase, you ask for their accepted modes of payment.

3. Be ready for the tropical weather season

The whole of Thailand has warm and humid weather year-round, so it is best to carry light and breezy clothing. In general, the popular traditional view is that women should dress conservatively. But, it’s still acceptable to wear sleeveless tops, shorts, and t-shirts when exploring the beauty of Phuket since it’s surrounded by beaches.

Bikinis and bathing suits are ideal for swimming, but not during sightseeing. Even when dining poolside, you must put a form of cover-up over your bikini.

Additionally, when preparing for your trip, don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes, such as sling-strapped or strapped sandals, walking shoes, or wedge sandals. Because you’ll be traveling primarily in dusty or sandy areas, it’s important to wear durable footwear that can survive the adventure and keep you comfortable at the same time!


If you are able to plan ahead of time, your first vacation to Phuket will surely be a delight! Don’t forget to book your accommodation ahead of time, organize your itinerary, prepare for the weather, and get ready to have the time of your life.

Are you looking for the best beach resort and spa in Patong? Head on to Diamond Cliff! You can also check for available dates and book your stay today. We’re excited to have you visit the beautiful beaches of Phuket, Thailand!

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