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Practical Guidelines on What to Wear When Visiting Thailand

Traveling to another country for a vacation means you have to comply with their local rules as well. If you’re visiting Thailand, the most pressing question on your mind is probably what to wear.

You want to stay cool in Thailand’s hot and humid climate, but there’s a certain etiquette to observe.

There appear to be no hard laws about how to dress, and Thailand normally looks the other way when it comes to foreigners’ fashion choices. However, you must take note that the country’s people dress modestly.

There are certain dress styles that are appropriate and others that are not, as you will discover simply by looking at what the residents wear.

In Thailand, your appearance has an impact on how you’re treated, so dressing tastefully and appropriately goes a long way. Following the tips below enables you to choose appropriate OOTDs and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Clothing for Hot Weather

Thailand is humid and sunny. Whatever you wear, you’ll sweat. But before you throw in a sleeveless or see-through shirt and booty shorts in your bag, consider these stylish alternatives.

Polo shirts, button-down collared shirts, and Bermuda shorts are the ideal choices for men in Thailand. T-shirts and cargo shorts of excellent quality will also suffice. A pair of semi-casual jeans will come in handy for an evening out.

Women can pack skirts, shorts, summer dresses, and stylish tops. These can be loose or fitted, but they must be of good quality.

Shirts should have a semi-high collar line and cover your shoulders. Keep cool by wearing sheer or lacy fabric, but be sure to wear a camisole or slip underneath.


You may find yourself walking around a lot before gaining confidence in using public transportation, so put on some comfy, water-resistant shoes. Because Thailand sees a lot of rain, anything composed of rubber or a plastic composite is a good choice.

Although flip flops are acceptable, flat, slipper-like shoes are far more practical. The latter shields your feet from dirt and eliminates the need to battle with laces when removing your shoes.

Before entering someone’s home or a temple, always remove your shoes. If there are piles of shoes outside of an entranceway, you should remove yours as well.

Avoid wearing high heels or boots, and avoid walking around barefoot. Ladies can break an ankle when you faceplant on Thailand’s pavements. If you have to wear heels, go with low wedges or espadrilles with a larger surface area to balance on.

Avoid going around barefoot. Bringing city filth that has accumulated on your soles into a Thai home or office is impolite.


It’s terrific to show off beautiful swimwear on Thailand’s beautiful beaches, but make sure you cover up properly once you’re off the beach.

On the beach, wear swimming suits, but in town, wear cover-ups. Although Thai people are generally fully clad at the beach, foreign men and women are permitted to wear only swim shorts and two-piece bathing suits. Just make sure you’re at the beach rather than wandering downtown.

Grab a beach cover-up when you leave the shore and start walking towards town. Wear a sarong or wrap that covers your breast and stomach if you’re a woman, and a t-shirt over your swim trunks if you’re a man.

Airy cover-ups and wraps can be found in abundance in Thailand’s seaside towns. They’ll also have plenty of sunglasses and big floppy sun hats to keep you safe from the sun.


Avoid wearing swimming suits or going topless in public. Walking around in a bathing suit without a cover-up into town is frowned upon by Thai citizens and upright expats alike.

You will never see a Thai individual going down the street or riding a motorcycle in a swimming suit if you look around. They also won’t be riding barefoot.

Make sure you bring your best outfits when you visit a Patong beach resort and spa like Diamond Cliff Phuket!

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