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Why You Should Get a Massage When Visiting Phuket

No one can deny that traveling and stress go hand in hand. No matter how excited you are for your trip, having to go through such a long flight and stresses of transit can take a toll on you. This is why a body massage in your private luxury villa or hotel room may just be what you need. While getting a massage may seem like a time-wasting activity for your trip, there are still a number of health benefits – for both the mind and the body – that massage can offer. This article will discuss all the most important health benefits of getting a massage while traveling.


What Is a Massage?

Massage can be defined as the manipulation – either by manual means or assisted by certain tools – of layers of muscle and connective tissue within the body. Supported by archaeological evidence, the practice of massage dates back to as early as 2330 BC. In simple terms, a massage is an act of applying pressure on a particular area of the body, usually performed by another person. The primary aim of massage is to alleviate pain, promote natural bodily functions, prevent muscle problems, enhance relaxation, and the list goes on.


Health Benefits of Massage

A good massage can provide a long list of health benefits, with certain techniques delivering different results. That being said, some general benefits are provided across all types of massage. Today, substantial research has been done to discover new benefits of massage to shed new light on the processes involved. Here is a list of some established health benefits of massage:


– Enhances circulation of the blood and lymphatic fluids.

– Loosens stressed or tense muscle.

– Alleviates problems caused by strain on muscles, including pinched nerves and muscle knots.

– Supports overall health and function of the muscles.

– Calms the body and mind, offering a relaxing and peaceful experience.

– The stimulating and relaxing experience of massage provides an array of benefits on internal organ function, including the respiratory system, the heart, and also the nervous system.

– Massage may also have positive effects on mental acuity and cognitive functioning.

– With the improved circulation of blood and lymph fluid, massage can also help to eliminate toxins from the skin and tissue while also assisting in the uptake of nutrients at the same time, providing a long-lasting benefit on the health of exterior skin and interior tissue and muscle systems.

– Massage is also able to enhance the health of the skin, preventing scars, stretch marks, and some other skin conditions.


Why You Should Get a Massage After Your Trip

Massage is a marvelous way to wind down and recharge your energy, with the added benefits of improved bodily functions and lower stresses – both mentally and physically. It can also help the body recover from fatigue or injury, particularly when it involves muscle problems such as cramps, spasms, or muscle strains. Needless to say, a massage can be extremely helpful after a stressful journey. Even if you are not traveling, you can still benefit from a massage. Whether you want to feel more refreshed or simply have a relaxing day, a good massage session will never do you wrong.


When You Should Not Get a Massage

While massage can help with various ailments, it can do more harm than good for some individuals with certain conditions. People who are recovering from some types of injuries, including muscle trauma, broken bones, and tissue damage should avoid getting a massage. Moreover, those who are taking certain types of prescription medication such as blood thinners and muscle relaxants should also stay away from receiving a message as well. A good massage therapist will always discuss your conditions before a session. This is to make sure that proper massage techniques are performed and that it is safe for you.


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