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The Best Golf Courses in Phuket – Our Guide

What first comes to mind when Phuket is mentioned is probably something along the lines of warm seawater and white sand. Although these are amazing things that you can enjoy on this island, there is a lot more that Phuket offers.

If you are a golf enthusiast, Phuket will not disappoint. The island can, in fact, be considered as a golfer’s paradise with many driving ranges and stunning scenic courses. Here are a few of the best golf courses in Phuket that you should visit:

Laguna Golf Club

If you want to play competitive golf, it wouldn’t be a good idea to jump right in and start swinging your golf club. It is best to start off by practicing your swing. Sure, you may have played last week, but you still need to do a warm up. Not all golf courses offer the same quality of practicing equipment for you to enjoy. If you take your warmup seriously and want to get as much technical practice experience as you can, Laguna Golf Club is the best choice for you.

Although most courses have practice areas for the golfers, their ranges might not be up to par. Laguna Golf Club, on the other hand, puts a lot of care into their ranges. In fact, they are fully equipped with the best practice facilities in Phuket.

You will not have to worry about having to wait to practice with other golfers since there are three practice greens available here. They are not just those greens with a smooth surface but also bunkers to make it more realistic.

If you are new to golf, you can apply for a course at PGA golf academy at Laguna Golf Club. The PGA professionals will provide you techniques and exclusive experiences that you will not find anywhere else. There is also a large gym where you can work on your flexibility and prepare your muscles for the game.

Red Mountain

One of the advantages of playing golf is that you get to appreciate the fantastic view of the course. When it comes to this, no other golf course on the island can come out on top of Red Mountain for the most gorgeous landscape. Even if you hate golf, you would love visiting Red Mountain just for the view.

Different spots on the course will yield different views, from greenery to rocky red mountains. The fantastic scenery is where the name of the course came. With its exquisite environment, Red Mountain has been one of Asia’s top courses since it was opened and it has remained one of the leading establishments until this day. Playing a game here might cost more than it would elsewhere, but the natural beauty you’ll get to enjoy is priceless.

Loch Palm Golf Club

If you are an adventurous golfer, you cannot miss out on visiting Loch Palm Golf Club. Their courses are sure to take your golfing experience to the next level. The Loch Palm Golf Club is situated around Crystal Lake. Since the first 9 holes are near the lake, it is normal to hit your golf balls right into the water.

In case this is not challenging enough, the other 9 holes are placed in a mountainous area. With varied terrain and elevation, you will have to bolster up all of your concentration and technical abilities in order to sink your ball into the hole. It will present quite a challenge, but why play golf if you aren’t up for a little challenge?

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