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The Ultimate Solo Traveler’s Guide to Phuket

The Ultimate Solo Traveler’s Guide to Phuket

Solo travel in Phuket is well-known to be extremely safe, and the island offers a plethora of options for solo travelers. Solo travelers often look for solitude, time to explore, and independence. With Phuket’s safety and beauty, it’s no surprise that this has become a great destination for solo travelers everywhere!

Read on to learn more about this ultimate solo traveler’s guide to Phuket.

Choosing a Hotel in Phuket

If you’re traveling alone, you’re probably avoiding crowded beaches. Beautiful and tranquil beaches such as Bangtao Beach (northern end), Nai Yang, Naithon, and Maikhao Beach all have a good selection of accommodations. While you will not be alone, you will be able to take long beach walks without being bothered.

If your friends are unable to attend but you do not require social interaction, Kamala and Nai Harn are lively without being too isolated.

If you are traveling alone and wish to meet new people, stay close to the action. Patong, Kata, and Karon all have beautiful beaches.

Generally, booking an entire taxi for one person is unnecessary unless you can afford it and prefer it. A shared minivan is the best option in this case. You will share a van with locals for 250 baht. It takes a little longer, but the effort is well worth it. Another option is to take the smart bus, which will take significantly longer and require you to walk to your hotel. It’s difficult when you’re carrying a suitcase and bags.

Getting Around Phuket

● Ride a Tuk Tuk
This mode of transport is the most adaptable. They are almost always available, but can be quite expensive when taken alone.

● Ride a Taxi
Grab is an excellent, secure, and convenient taxi app (UBER is not available in Phuket as it was sold to Grab a long time ago.) Depending on accessibility and distance, Grab may take longer than Tuk Tuk. Traveling alone is also prohibitively expensive in this country.

● Ride the Phuket Smart Bus
A budget-friendly option for solo travel in Phuket. This convenient mode of transport between beaches was long overdue. It is inexpensive, but the wait for the next bus is lengthy (every hour). Phuket Smart Bus – Additional Information

● Ride a Motorcycle Taxi
Moto-taxi service is available only in Phuket town and a few of the island’s beach towns. Simply wave and inquire about the fare. You have the option of haggling slightly on the price.

● Rent a Motorbike
Renting a bike is a good option for solo travelers who are confident behind the wheel on Thailand’s notoriously dangerous roads. It’s inexpensive, accessible, and provides freedom. Additionally, parking is convenient, but if you want to party, take a tuk-tuk home. A valid motorcycle license and adequate travel insurance are required to ride a motorcycle in Thailand. Take a look at this:

1. Technically, yes, as long as you have your country’s license.
2. Police officers will inquire about your international driver’s license. Without one, you will be fined 500 baht.
3. Travel insurance is only valid if you have an international driver’s license!

Enjoy Phuket On Your Own

While it is possible to travel alone in Phuket, certain activities allow for casual socializing and even meeting strangers. You can visit ethical Elephant sanctuaries, the zipline for the views, go on a breathtaking cruise to Phang Nga, take day trips to other islands, or walk around town.

Unless you choose a remote beach, remember that there will also be plenty of opportunities for casual encounters. You’ll quickly discover how effortless it is to strike up a conversation with tourists (and even easier after a few drinks). This way, you can still make friends while still following your own time and your own plans.


Phuket is well-known for its safety and friendliness toward solo travelers. Simple common sense rules suffice. When meeting new people, avoid blind trust and be suspicious of overly friendly individuals, keep an eye on your belongings, carry identification, and inform a family member of your plans. Again, Phuket is a safer vacation destination than the vast majority of others! Enjoy!

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