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Phuket is an exciting location for tourists, as there are so many blood-pumping activities you can enjoy. These include surfing, kiteboarding, and jet skiing. What’s more, there are also many different places where you can enjoy an amazing nightlife experience with young, energetic, and fun crowd. We can’t talk about Phuket without mentioning the food, as it has some of the most vibrant, delicious, and diverse cuisines in all of Thailand.

People nowadays can’t travel without snapping some pics and posting it to the Gram. To give you some pointers, here are five of the best locations for photos in Phuket:

1. Big Buddha Temple

The Big Buddha is the landmark of Phuket. This is visible from the center area of Phuket City despite the distance from the downtown area. It’s a white statue of Buddha that sits atop Nakkerd Hill with a wonderful viewpoint that makes for a great place to take a video and upload it to your Story. While the weather in Phuket may make it tempting to wear your favorite summer dress, you need to make sure that you dress appropriately when you come here, as the statue is part of 2. Karon View Point Karon View Point

Karon Beach is situated in the southwestern shore of Phuket. This makes it one of the only beaches on the island that faces the open ocean. The beach is comprised of three smaller bays, Kata Noi, Kata Yai, and the main Karon Beach. Off to the side of Karon Beach is a hill that will take you straight to the viewpoint that will let you see all the beaches and all the way out west to the vast, blue ocean. There’s also a restaurant with a rooftop bar called Heaven Rooftop near the viewpoint, which is the perfect location for you to take the best photos of3. Bangla Walking Street Signlking Street Sign

Bangla Walking Street is sometimes referred to as the main strip of Patong, as this is where all the nighttime activities are happening. You will see an abundance of clubs, pubs, and bars that have an LED display right outside of the building. This makes it the best location for you to take photos with the captio4. Mai Khao Plane Spottingcome to Patong!”

4. Mai Khao Plane Spotting

If you’re interested in seeing massive international planes land, Mai Khao Beach is the best place for that. There are very few places in the world where you can come this close to an operating airplane. This makes Mai Khao Beach one of the most unique locations you will find. Make sure that you stand in the designated area for your own safety and for the best-quality photos with a landing aircraft!

5. James Bond Island

The original name of this island is Koh Ta Poo, which means “nail island.” It received its name from the limestone pillars that protrude from the water surface in the bay that resembles metal nails. In 1974, the island became the shooting site for a 007 movie, “The Man With a Golden Gun.” After that, the island became hugely popular among tourists, attracting thousands of people to visit every year. The crystal clear, emerald-green water makes it one of the most amazing locations for a photo shoot. So bring out your best swimsuit and photography gears, as this is hands-down one of the best sites in the world for that.

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