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Visiting Jui Tui Shrine in Phuket What You Should Know

Thailand is known for its beautiful scenery and beaches, as well as its rich cultural heritage. These undoubtedly draw millions of tourists into the country, but one aspect of Thai culture that doesn’t get nearly enough attention is its deep roots in Buddhism.

The country is home to many Buddhist and Chinese temples, and visiting these temples should be part of your Thailand itinerary. It’s a unique and satisfying way of getting to know the story of the place and its people while enjoying beautiful architecture at the same time.

If there’s one temple you should visit, it’s definitely the Jui Tui Shrine in Phuket.

The Beginning and the Present

Jui Tui is a Chinese temple that serves as an important landmark in Phuket. It is not as ancient as other temples because it no longer looks the way it used to be. Even its current location is different than what it once was.

The first Jui Tui temple was originally located at Soi Romanee in Phuket’s Old Town area. Unfortunately, a fire burned down that temple. Now, it has moved to its current home at Tambon Talat Nuea, Mueang Phuket District, and additional structures were added to it.

Jui Tui now serves as the official site for the yearly Phuket Vegetarian Festival.

What You Should Check Out

● The Main Pagoda – Upon entering the site, you will immediately see the main pagoda. It is the most colorful and largest building you will see in this itinerary.

● Hu Huan Soy – The center stage houses the god of performing arts and dancing, Hu Huan Soy. That is why when it is time to pay homage to the temple, you will often see locals dance and perform near the Hu Huan Soy shrine. You will see that the god Hu Huan Soy has animals by his side—a chicken and a dog, which were said to be his favorite pets when he was young.
● The Firecracker House – When you turn left, you will immediately see a tall and colorful tower. It was erected in 2011 as part of the hundred-year celebration of the temple. It was specially made for launching firecrackers for annual festivals. In previous years before the tower was created, firecrackers were positioned on the ground. Now, the tower provides a safer and less polluted way to celebrate.
● The Fortune Sticks – If you want to learn about your future, you can do so by checking out the bamboo cups scattered around the premises. These cups contain sticks with each one assigned a certain number. When you shake the cup, and a stick falls to the ground, you check the number and match it to a piece of paper that contains your fortune. However, these predictions are in Chinese and Thai language, so you need an interpreter’s help to understand its meaning.

What You Should Know: The Dress Code

Respect is necessary for each place you visit, especially when it comes to temples. Here are the important notes you should know:

● Avoid showing too much skin, especially your shoulders and legs (avoid showing anything above the knee)
● Remember to remove your shoes by the temple entrance

We suggest bringing a sarong while traveling so you can easily put it on when you visit. If you don’t follow these guidelines, you won’t be allowed to enter the temple. However, you can still enjoy the outside area where you will see souvenir shops.


Visiting temples is one relaxing activity that can help you reflect on the culture of the country you visit. It should be part of any traveler’s itinerary, but it’s particularly enjoyable In Thailand due to the popularity of temples, shrines, and pagodas.

Besides its beautiful architecture and peaceful atmosphere, Jut Tui Shrine is a wonderful haven for you to get in touch with your spirituality.

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