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Visiting Patong Beach for the First Time Here Are Key Tips!

The most famous beach resort in Phuket is easily Patong Beach. It’s no wonder that plenty of tourists choose to stay there during their vacation in Phuket. In fact, it’s so “touristy” that there’s a rather extreme either-or: people are either absolutely averse to the place or, more commonly, fully in love.

Are you visiting Patong beach for the first time? You’re going to want to be well-versed as to what you should expect. That’s what this blog aims to explore, so read on!

● Eat, eat, eat!

If you’re under the misconception that all you’ll get is Thai cuisine, don’t worry. Your palate won’t have to go on an adventure if you don’t want to. Thing is, you’re already on vacation: why wouldn’t you let your taste buds explore too?

Many people have already discovered the wonders of Thai street food as a whole. At Patong, you’ll have no trouble finding seafood, meat skewers and even curry. Other options are the classics like pad Thai and even mango sticky rice!

● Experience Patong nightlife at Bangla Walking Street

If your Phuket itinerary includes partying and enjoying the nightlife, you won’t want to miss Bangla Walking Street. At 6PM, the road is closed off to cars/traffic in general and turns into a walking street. Lots of bright lights, loud sounds and so much more bring the street to life as the night sets in. There are plenty of rooftop bars, restaurants, live music bars and the like that you can enjoy.

If you’re more into the daytime scene, don’t worry: you can head out to sea and go partying on a luxury boat.

● No matter how old you are, Patong has something you can enjoy.

In Patong, there’s something for everyone. From golfing to visiting neighbouring islands to relaxing massages on the beach, people can do whatever they please. Key activities include:

Cabaret Shows – There are a number of these available in the area. All the shows are fascinating and make for a cool once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Muay Thai Pro Boxing at Bangla Boxing Stadium – Little kids may not be ideal for this one. It’s a step above the usual boxing matches we all grew up knowing. There’s potential to see bloody battering here, alongside broken bones.
Phuket Fantasea – This show is a great showcase of the cultural heritage of Thailand. It’s award-winning, family-friendly and comes with dinner! It should be noted, however, that this show is not in Patong but right next to it. Still well worth checking out!

A good rule of thumb is to book online before getting to Phuket. Trying to book tours and activities in person may prove a bit overwhelming.


If you’re going to Patong Beach for the first time, it’s important to be well-prepared. People either dislike it or love it, with the latter usually being the case. Setting expectations is one of the most important parts of any trip. Patong has something for everyone of all ages to enjoy, from cabaret shows to Phuket Fantasea. There’s also plenty of food for all sorts of palates.

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