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Visiting Phuket 5 Must-See Destinations You Can’t Miss

Phuket is a popular tourist hotspot in Thailand, famous for its mountain ranges and exotic beaches. Besides the beautiful scenery, there’s also vibrant nightlife to explore within the city. It’s truly a great place to add to your travel bucket list.

Unfortunately, going across the world to visit Phuket doesn’t leave you with much time until getting back home. This is why it’s necessary to create a well-designed itinerary that includes the best must-see hotspots.

Traveling in Phuket: 5 Must-See Destinations

The key goal of traveling across the world sees for yourself the unique sights that travel catalogs are made of. This allows you to immortalize your travel memories with a beautiful photo. Phuket is host to numerous natural wonders that can feel as astounding as they look through a majestic viewpoint. Remember to visit these locations at the right times to see them at their best!

In this article, we’ll share five must-see destinations in Phuket you shouldn’t miss!

1. Nai Yang Beach

One of the first things you’ll see before landing at the Phuket International airport is the seamless beauty of Nai Yang Beach. Sitting within the Sirinat national park, this northern beach has a wonderful tree-lined beach, keeping an airplane landing as a unique background. This is just the first of many tropical sights you’ll see, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get your best pictures here.

2. Laem Singh Viewpoint

While cruising in between the roads connecting Kamala and Surin beaches, looking outside your window shows an impressive view over Laem Singh beach. Before you head there yourself, you can first enjoy the scenic view that encompasses the entire beach’s shape by sunset, forming the foreground where the sea meets the sky.

3. Promthep Cape

There are numerous ways to view the beautiful sunset in Phuket. Besides the Laem Singh viewpoint, you can also head on to the Promthep Cape to see a dramatic headland that stretches far and wide to the Andaman sea. After taking your pictures, you can take your time and shop around souvenir stores at the entrance. Expect to go through a steep and windy ride as you head on while the sun starts to set by 5 PM.

4. Windmill Viewpoint

If you’d rather get a clear day to take the full view of Phuket’s mesmerizing sights, you’re better off going to the Windmill viewpoint. Just a few ways across Promthep Cape, the Windmill viewpoint gives you an overlooking view of Ya Nui Beach on one end and Nai Ham Beach on the other. Thankfully, this place is much less crowded since people visit the area at all times of the day.

5. Khao Khad Viewpoint

At the southwestern coast of Phuket rests the impressive Khao Khad viewpoint. Besides capturing the magnificent beauty of the sea and Khao Khad Beach, you’ll also notice two popular tourist attractions in Phuket. The neighboring Koh Lone Island can be pictured just along the sides of your camera’s frame. Even from this view, you’ll be able to see the Big Buddha’s impressive figure from afar.


A simple first step to start your journey in Phuket is to book quality board and lodging throughout your stay. Thankfully, there are numerous luxury resorts you can choose from to serve as your place of relaxation in between all the fun. Having a great place to stay and unwind will give you enough energy to face every new day in Phuket!

At Diamond Cliff Resort, we exemplify an authentic Thai vacation experience to our guests from around the world. Our strategic location puts us close to the gentle hills of Patong next to the romantic view of the Andaman Sea. If you’re looking for luxury resorts in Phuket for your next holiday, book with us today!

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