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What to See in Phuket Museums You Have to Visit When You Go

Phuket is known for its breathtaking beaches, however, if you are looking to have a culture-trip, this beautiful island will have something up its sleeve for you as well. There are many delightful collections and fascinating exhibitions available for tourists to see when they visit this island. Should you be interested in getting to know the unique culture of Phuket, here are a few of the one-of-a-kind museums you can visit to enhance your trip!

What to See in Phuket: Museums You Have to Visit When You Go

1 – Mining Museum

Phuket was a mining island many decades ago. This museum showcases this part of the rich history of the island. There are miniature models that will depict how life was on the island during the mining era of Phuket. You will be able to find the museum on Kathu-Koh Kaew Road between the Loch Palm Golf Course and the British International School Phuket (BISP) in Kathu.

2 – Museum Phuket

Should you be interested in learning about the early history of Phuket until this present day, this is the museum for you! They have photo exhibitions and displays to give a tourist an insider view of the history of the island. You will also be able to try your hand at local handicrafts at Museum Phuket. This museum takes up Peranakannitat and Phuket Nagara spaces in two
Sino-Portuguese buildings on Phang Nga Road.

3 – Phuket Glass Plates Museum

If you like looking at vintage plates and objects, this museum houses over 2000 glass plates on the second floor and an antique camera collection on the ground floor. You can find this museum located right next to the Peranakannitat Museum on Phang Nga Road in Phuket Town.

4 – Seashell Museum

Many people are fascinated by seashells. In this museum you will be able to see a vast collection of beautiful seashells that were found all over the world. Along with the seashell collection, you will also be able to view a fossil collection at the Seashell Museum as well. Should you be interested in taking home a souvenir or two, they have a gift shop full of unique shells to take home. You can visit this museum on the main Viset Road in Rawai.

5 – Peranakan Phuket Museum

For your real fix of cultural heritage, you can visit this museum. You will be given a cultural lesson about how the tin mining trade and industry shaped the island into what it is today. You can also try on traditional costumes and taste delicious traditional dishes at this museum location.


While this is not an all-inclusive list of the museums that are available to visit on this lovely island, this list contains a little of everything when one is looking for a museum culture fix. If you will still be craving more of the experience, you may be able to get a more detailed list of museums to visit from the resort or hotel you are staying at. The concierge will be happy to recommend more museums that are tailored to your wants and needs when it comes to the exhibits you want to see.

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